Red Shoes, Blue Shoes and the Jokes on Me...

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Red Shoes

Super cute right? J-41 Orchid is what they are called.

Blue Shoes

My feet look so big in these ones I think. Converse Fountain Blue are these.

I got two more pairs (dress shoes) and it was a screaming deal of buy one get one half off. I love me some new shoes and when there is a sale...I am so happy happy!

So tonight I go out to lock up the ducks and they are no where to be found. Well they can't go anywhere but in the hen house so I bend down and look in the little door and say "are you in there?" I hear "little quacks, little quacks!" and I am like "you come out of there you don't sleep in there you have your own house" I hear "little quacks, little quacks". So I go out of the run and just about get to the hen house door to open it up and out they come down the chicken ramp. I hear "BIG quacks!!! BIG quacks!!" which if you ever listen to a duck when they are loud it sounds like they are laughing and I swear they were playing a trick on me! They just kept quack laughing at me.  So then I locked them up in their house and I said "yep the jokes on me" and then they quack laughed even louder.  Those rascals. Gotta love 'em.

July's Christmas Card of the Month Class packets

I am trying to get my July Christmas Card of the Month packets out in the mail before I leave for Convention, I said they wouldn't be mailed till after I got back but I am hoping and they are almost ready. 300 cards is a lot...but I so appreciate everyone signing up for the class. You are going to be so happy when come the Holiday season all your cards are going to be ready to mail, no stress.

Let me know if  you want to do the August Christmas Card of the Month Class in the Mail, people are already signing up. If you don't want to miss classes and events make sure to sign up for my Free E-Newsletter over in the right hand side of my blog.

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Who Loves Goldfish?

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Gold fish

No not that kind...


...this kind. Now please don't be mad, I asked at the petfood store if it is bad to come in and ask for feeder fish and she said no people do it all the time, and they have certain kinds that are them. They are not in the fancy tanks with all the pretty rocks and plants these are food...I know it's the circle of life eh? Akuna Matata.

I laugh everytime I see Rhoda running in the background with the fish in her mouth and Mary running after her.

Edith has been limping lately so she does not want to be around all the crazy happenings and stays clear of any pushing and shoving. I have heard ducks get leg sprains...oh the learning curves.

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It's a Doozy!

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Today was hot, Summer is finally here although we were blessed with an actual Spring this year. The girls got their first block of ice.


The ducks stuck their necks way out to check it out. Of course Polly hogged it and hopped right on.

Eric had to have a tooth pulled so while I waited in the waiting room I played with my phone.


I just love little Mary and this was a neat filter (is that what you call it when you pick a different color than the original?)

I also picked her up a little hat with the hot summer sun beating down on her, I figured she would need it.


Let's have fun...caption this photo...

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.


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Going Going Gone - Don't Miss Out on Retiring Products

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So before we left for Hawaii I was training the ducks to go in their house at night so I could lock them up.  I had a long stick and that helped me wrangle them in. I never hit them or even touched them with the stick it just lengthened my arm and helped them understand where I wanted them to go. I showed Eric how I did it so he could do it when we were gone.

Well we get back home after 5 days and Eric has them trained so they don't need the stick anymore, pretty good eh? Now tonight I did have a bit of trouble with Rhoda, the dang chickens still want to be with the ducks so she kept hopping up on the side of the duck house after they were locked  up.  I had to take her down and put her in the hen house twice till she stayed.

I ordered some fun Sloggers before we left and they came while we were gone.

New sloggers

Aren't they cute? I have a pair of Sloggers Boots but these will be much cooler in the summer.

Happy ducks

The ducks seem to like them. Here they are after they have been  hand fed...yes I go in and hand feed them and the chickens their lunch it is fun...there are a bit of squabbles between everyone...I need 8 hands.

You were taking a picture of me right

Here is sweetie Mary, she was saying "you really wanted a picture of me right?" she is either on my knee or she is on my shoulder.  I have started wearing an apron during lunch time feedings because of it...her feet are not always clean if you catch my drift. Oh and she loves the mole on my arm...I am sure she thinks it is food, but ouch, it is not!!!

Too funny when we were gone Eric sent me this picture.


Seems Mary is not particular who she jumps on. I think she is whispering "give me extra please".

Well I have to finish up my DiVa Day stuff for Saturday. I have my downline that earned the day coming for some fun stamping and lunch. I can't wait to see everyone. My downline that earned it but live out of state get their goodies in the mail...minus the lunch.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.


Duck House

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Yesterday we removed the big brooder out of the run so that the chicks could be in the run with the big girls and the ducks, we had it propped up for a day so they could escape in there but the big girls were ducking up under neath and going in themselves so we said to heck with it. Polly seems to be the worst at chasing.

I do have to catch them and put them inside the hen house at night though or they just want to lay outside with the ducks. They are still confused about what they are I think.

All together

The run looks so big with the brooder removed. It reminds me of what the house feels like after you take the Christmas tree down. I have put up a couple sticky fly things on the outside of the run, I notice lots more flies since adding the ducks. I will have to find something else to use to control them.

Ready for my closeup

Polly says "Oh sorry were you wanting a picture of me?"

So this morning Eric and Jeff put the duck  house in the run. I love it, I was going to paint it to match the hen house but Jeff wants to let it weather since he used different wood for it.

Duck house in

There goes that extra feeling of space...ha! I did put the yellow ladder on the other side of the run now and removed the wooden saw horse I had in there.

Ducks Only

Perhaps I need a Ducks Only sign? It's pretty cool, the top lifts up to collect eggs, and then the front opens full like a door (there are hinges on the right) to clean it out. The ramp just sits there so for easy access. Chickens can step up but ducks have a bit more of a problem, they shuffle more.

So again tonight I had to grab Mary and Rhoda and pop them in the hen house, right now I just set them in  a nesting box a piece. That is not the place for them but at least they are in the hen house and I hope eventually they do it on their own and use the roosting bars.  I did have to chase them and while I did I chased the ducks into their house and locked them in. Then quickly grabbed the chicks.  I had to actually lift the ducks up and set them in, boy they are sure smooth feeling.

Then they quacked and quacked, and I noticed they nibbled a bit on their pine bedding and then the worry wart in me was like oh my gosh they might eat that and choke. Ducks need water when they eat, so I opened it back up and they headed back to the pool.  I need to research a bit more on that if I need different bedding or some water in there (although I think it would be a mess if I did put water in there).  Our run is enclosed all around and they have been just sleeping in there out in the open for a week, but still I think they would be securer in the house.  More to come.

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.