Blooms & Bliss & Beautiful You

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Blooms & Bliss & Beautiful You Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

I love this new set "Beautiful You" and I love to paper pierce...stamping on DSP and cutting out and glueing the dress. I colored her body and her hat with an aqua painter and ink.

Blooms & Bliss & Beautiful You Stampin' Up! Diana Gibbs Occasions Catalog

This was one of the cards I demonstrated at OnStage in Phoenix.  You can order this beautiful stamp set January 4 or Join my team today  and pick it in your starter kit.

We finally got Eric's special permit approved for his house and the house plans submitted.  Slow but steady wins the race right?

Edith goes roque

I may or may not have found some fun photo filters on my computer. Don't tell Edith.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

Bug Huntin' with the Chucks

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Bug Huntin' with the Chucks

I remember years ago I watched an episode of the The Little Rascals and it was Spanky and he was bug huntin' with a hammer. So cute.  So last night I had the girls running around the yard...I don't do it often anymore since we got the ducks cause I can't leave the run door open, I don't want the ducks it is only once in a blue moon. So last night Jeff pulled back an old pallet and the bugs were everywhere so the girls had a good feast before bed. I mean Aunt Bea's crop was so full it was bouncing.

Bug Huntin' with the Chucks

I put a pail inside the hen house so the ducks could not get in there and out the hen house door...I had it open so the girls could go in and out of there if they wanted. Of course as soon as the ducks saw that bucket they had to be right at it to see what they were missing. Silly ducks!

Here's a quick video...

So fun right? If your neighborhood allows chickens and or ducks I would highly recommend them.

Bug Huntin' with the Chucks 008

I'm gonna say goes..."The End"

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in...oh me I am off to do tomorrow's Mimeograph Monday & More card and video...see ya back here tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving

Several of you have asked about the girls so I took some pictures of them tonight before I fed and during.

Where's the grub?

This is Rhoda saying "Where's the grub? You usually have grub". She is molting on the side of her neck so she looks crooked.


My favorite Mary is always by my side. I can recognize her "cry" from anywhere.


Edith is my favorite of the ducks and the lowest in the pecking order had to come say hi.

Gobble Gobble

They kept pecking on my shirt as I was bending down getting pics, so I fed them. Gobble!! Gobble!! They are saying "Boy we are glad we are not a turkey or a pig this time of year."

P.S. The ducks wanted me to post a better without a chicken in it. Such is named after Phyllis Diller after all.

The Divas

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.


Sing For Your Supper

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Well you are thinking Di must be busy cause she aint posting any stamping...yeah you got that right. Lots of cutting, scoring, big shotting and know things like that.  Plus left arm feels like I am getting frozen shoulder. I had it years ago in my right, I do not want that again.  Trying to keep it moving.

Instead of singing for your about singing while you make supper?  Actually Polly is just letting everyone know that someone has laid an egg...perhaps she is telling us she has laid an egg, ya never know with her.

Not quite what you were thinking I meant eh?   I love hearing the egg song. How about you?

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

Just Ducky

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7 page PDF - How to Watercolor with Ink Refills

While we were at Convention I figured the ducks would lay their first egg. That is what happened with the chickens, I went out of town and then they started laying. Eric even teased and told us that Mike and him ate the eggs and they were so good. I was like "what? I wanted to take a picture and blog about it". When we got home from the trip Eric told us he was kidding.

Well the joke was on Eric cause the morning after we got back home...


...we got our first duck egg.  A little bloody, that is hard work laying your first egg. I was expecting it to be a bit bigger but I think later they will be, plus they look all scratched up, the ducks must push them around with their beaks and scratch them up on the straw. Probably thinking "What the heck is that? Did that come out of me? What the heck did I eat?"

And today...


...two more for a total of three!

So we cooked them up tonight to try them out.

They tasted pretty good too, a bit meatier or richer than a chicken egg.
I can't wait to bake with them, I have heard they really make a difference in cakes and stuff.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.