Chicken Poop Chapstick Holder

Chicken poop chapstick box stamping with di

This box is so adorable and I can't wait to make more...I need to go to the store and find more lip balms.

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Measurements: Crumb Cake Cardstock: 8 1/2' x 5"

Scored on 5" side - 3/8", 1 1/8", 3 7/8" & 4 5/8"

Scored on 8 1/2" side: 1/2", 1 1/4", 2", 2 3/4" & 6"

Check out how fun this box is to make.  I got a similar box from my friend Jan Farring in Hawaii and it never made it I had to come up with my own measurements but was definitely inspired by Jan...thanks Jan.

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The Ducks Stamp Too

The ducks

So a couple weeks ago I stood out with the chucks (chickens and ducks) and tried to get a video of them stamping their feet.  Of course when they did it I did not have my phone, then I waited and waited, crouched down on the ground and I thought I was never going to get my knees back unbent...ha! Then when Georgette did it Phyllis got in front of her and you could not see I gave up.

When I went out this morning Phyllis did it and again I didn't have my phone!!!!!! I ran back in the house for my phone...and yeah I caught Georgette doing it a couple times.

Isn't that so funny? The first time I ever saw this was when we had those wild mallard ducks that lived here for a while, and the female would do it when I sprayed them with water, and I thought she was just happy. Well I think they are happy when they do it, but it also mimics the sound of rain and the worms and bugs come up out of the ground. Neat eh?

Sorry for my morning voice, I didn't have my ears in so I was not sure how loud I was talking. Look at all our green weeds in the back...we had so much rain this winter and more is coming.

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Feeling Frazzled?

Feeling frazzled Mary & Aunt Bea

Do ya ever get this way? Well don't worry, take a deep breath and relax everything will turn out ok. (I was not going to say running around like a chicken with it's...ya you know the rest).

I just had to share this picture, remember I posted Mary a while back as she molted? She looked horrible...well Mary is on the left and she looks so great with a cute fluffy butt. Now Aunt Bea on the right looks worse than Mary did, but in no time at all she will have her own fluffy butt to strut around the run. There are feathers everywhere!!! I could make 2 extra chickens with all of them...ha!

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Mary Did You Know?

 With Christmas right around the corner I hear this song more and more, and since the first time I heard it many years ago I barely get into the first sentence and I start to cry.  It is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Ryan Shupe has a new video out too, the song has been around a long time...if you want to hear an amazing Christmas album check out theirs, you will never listen to fave Christmas songs again without comparing their rendition.

Again the thorns and the cross, I lose it. Don't even get me started with the movie The Passion of the Christ - 15 minutes in or something like that and I was a sobbing, almost puking mess, I could not watch it.  Never have till this day.

So with tears in my eyes, let's lighten up this post with something funny...or sad in a funny way.

Molting Mary

The other day when I was out feeding, I was like Mary did you know... that you are almost naked? See how I did that? 

Mary molting butt

Look at her bum, she has like 2 little feathers on it. I told her she is literally going to freeze her butt off.

Mary molting side

This is called molting and why they wait till it gets cool is beyond me. Poor girl. You can see her back skin and her wings too, like looking at a chicken in the store.

Ducks so warm

The ducks with their down feathers are fact when I changed their pool water they got right in and I was like They molt too, but it does not seem as bad...maybe cause they are bigger?

So I did want to say we lost Laverne in October. It was around the devastating shootings in Las Vegas and my little chicken was just a blip on the radar so I did not say anything.

I am finishing up my Christmas cards, so I need to get off here.  I am sure a few of you will be glad to see some pics of the girls, it has been a while I have been reminded.


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...The Chucks (chickens and ducks) update.

Those of you that have read my blog for a while know that I have had chickens for years and years, we have lost a few over the years and it is so sad.  We have a chicken cemetary in the back. We also have 3 ducks that we got about a year and a half ago with two chicks and they were raised together, so the other 3 hens could take them or leave them. Flocks can be very cliquish, think highschool. Ha!

I get a lot of people on FaceBook tag me whenever they see something chicken related and this is how I got introduced to Two Creative Chicks, you really need to check them out.  They have trained their chickens to play a xylophone, drums and a you know me...yep...look what got here today...


Here we go putting it in the run...

...then I left them be to eat and went out later...

...notice I don't think I said a thing in the second video, so I didn't drown out Beethoven's 5th. Hurry call Guinness Book of World Records.

I did chat a bit with Two Creative Chicks and they trained theirs by putting nail polish on the keys which attracts the hens and also giving them treats. I might try this...cause they really gotta earn that piano.

Oh and Toby says "Mum, it ain't all about the Chucks you know, your readers want to see me too!"  I mean who came first....the chicken or the egg Toby?


He snuggled up in my SU! coat on my chair today, the little turd.

Have an awesome Friday the gulp....13. Be safe out there. Not that I am superstitious or anything. Knock on wood.

Thanks for stopping in.