The Studio Pictures...Finally!

OMG! This might be the longest post in the history of my blog, I took a bunch of pictures, it would probably have been easier to just do the video, but at least this way you can check it out better. Jeff says he'll help with a video.

Ya ready?

Here we go...I will update it from time to time as I add or change things around, but I will leave the original pictures, I know I like to look back at the changes, hope you do too.

Studio Remodel 046 copy
This is that cute little jewelry box thing I got at one of the antique stores, it holds tons of stuff.

Studio Remodel 048 copy
Each side swings out, it is supposed to hold necklaces, but one side has my brayers and the other side...

Studio Remodel 049 copy
...holds lanyards from my 12 years as a Demonstrator.

Studio Remodel 050 copy
One drawer holds my classic ink refills, one holds craft, the other drawers have miscellaneous things.

Updated: I actually don't have this in my studio anymore (now it holds jewelry in my bedroom), once I found this hutch to replace the red shelf

IMG_20121229_220042_987 copy


Studio Remodel 051 copy
The red shelf (see hutch above, it looks way different now), it has display stuff and you can see some of my antique finds on it. The little stool on the right is where I sit to sew, I just move it over when I need it.  I might find somethig that can sit underneath the cutting table bench but for now it works. Plus it's nice to have a stepping stool in here.

Studio Remodel 052 copy
Remember these from before? My dress form, and my fun tier display.  I put 3-D stuff on it that has been on my shelf for a while.

Studio Remodel 054 copy
Ok we'll start on this side of the room...

Studio Remodel 055 copy
This cabinet houses my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, in the file cabinet, Mark built it into the cupboard, above it is just binders and like typewriter paper, and my decor element stencils. The bigger cabinet houses my shipping boxes above my 12x12 cardstock and DSP storage. I can't tell you how much I love having my 12x12 paper stored like this, now I know what I have.

Wanna see how magical this cupboard is? Open Sesame!!!

Studio Remodel 058 copy
The 12x12 paper swings out and behind it is...

Studio Remodel 057 copy class chairs, class totes, and my workshop catalog that not the coolest thing ever?

Then when it is closed it is like this:

12x12 cabinet 001 copy
It latches shut inside.

Studio Remodel 059 copy
I like to call this my cutting wall, it has my sewing machine, my big shots and dies, my paper cutters, etc.

Updated 1/4/2014 - now it looks like this, plus we replaced the old a/c unit so I put a cute mirror shelf there instead:

Cutting Big Shot Scoring Station

Studio Remodel 060 copy
The cabinet behind my card spinner holds my shipping supplies, my scale and envelopes and stuff.  I don't need to get into it during class, so the card spinner in front of it is no big deal.

Studio Remodel 061 copy
The other two cabinets hold my Big Shots, my dies, and folders and stuff.  Jeff is going to add one more shelf to each side, I will then lay down my Bigz XL and will have more room for more dies. I'll just add a new label to the other end.

Studio Remodel 062 copy
Underneath the sewing machine side are two drawers, this drawer holds class stuff, like empty embellishment containers, stamp boxes, sewing supplies, heat guns, glue guns, and clearance rack stuff I use for door prizes, and or hostess gift packaging. The drawers are huge and come out pretty far.

Studio Remodel 064 copy
This drawer holds my workshop tote bags, it is nice to have a place for all my SU! stuff in my studio so I don't have to get stuff out of the guest room.  I figure with all this space if I don't have a spot for it, I don't need it right?

Studio Remodel 065 copy
Underneath the paper cutter side Mark made me a file folder size drawer and I keep all my cardstock scraps in here, alphabetically. That is how I have everything, cardstock, inks, stamp sets. Before I cut a big piece of paper I always check here first and you would be amazed at how much paper you save doing it this way.

Studio Remodel 067 copy
The drawer under that is files and also my cello bags and ziplock baggies.

Studio Remodel 068 copy
This is just the garbage pail, my Carl cutter, and my little white board things for when I take pics of my cards for my blog.  I remember years ago when I was designing what I wanted my room like and I had initially wanted a hole in the counter by the cutter so you could just sweep the garbage inside, but once I got a look at my gorgeous counters I was no way cutting a hole in them, so this works just great being right there.

Studio Remodel 069 copy
This is my desk where I do all my stamping.  You can see my tv, and you can also see the desk organizer thing that I painted and shabby chic'ed up. My mason jar with my hand sanitizer in it...ha!

Studio Remodel 070 copy
Here is my wall with the old style punches, on the IKEA towel bars.  The ink pads are on a plastic storage dealie I got years and years ago from Office Max.

Updated this looks way different too, since I don't have anymore of the black old style punches, now this hangs on the wall.

Letter tray

Studio Remodel 045 copy
Here is my fun fun fun chandelier, and the water heater is hidden behind the fake cabinet. Cool eh?

Studio Remodel 071 copy
This is lovingly known as the embellishment wall.  It is also my computer area and stamp set cupboard too.

Studio Remodel 073 copy
Can I tell you how much I love these cupboards with the glass fronts? Beautiful!

Studio Remodel 074 copy
Here's one side. I love the old radio, it matches the room perfectly. It was my Poppa's. It works but needs to be grounded, I had it on one day and when I would touch it I would feel funny, and I told Jeff "hey touch the radio, it feels funny" and he was like "you are getting shocked!"...Ha! No sense no feeling he tells me.  So I just look at it and we don't plug it in. See all my pretty jars that I have been showing you all these times?

Studio Remodel 077 copy
I love how I can just see what I need and get it.

Studio Remodel 079 copy
Here's the other one. My license plate, we only need one in AZ so this is my second one.  The fun chicken cup and saucer from Kim when she came to visit.  I love the Mrs. Beetons book of Household Management, you should read some of the things in there.

Studio Remodel 080 copy
My smooch spritz in the antique glass flower frog from my BFF Tracy.

Studio Remodel 082 copy
My egg basket with some fake eggs, I love it in here.  See my beautiful chicken toothpick holder? That was Tracy's cutie patootie hubby's Mums.  I love it.

Studio Remodel 083 copy
My glitter and embossing powder spinner rack.  I didn't find what I wanted at IKEA so I went to a few places and settled on this spice rack from Target.  I just emptied out the spices into baggies if I didn't already have a jar to fill in my cupboard...what the heck is Savory and Herbs Provence?? So then I just filled them with my glitters and ep, tied on a bow and presto...neat eh? What do you think Ellie?

Studio Remodel 084 copy
Above my computer is old SU! catalogs, workshop wow dvd's, Stamp & Scrap University books, idea portfolios and stuff of that nature.  I could never get to them before, and now they are right there at my fingertips.

Studio Remodel 086 copy
To the right of that cupboard and above my printer is where I keep copy paper, mad money, my camera and cord sit in the blue strainer, and I have cards and stuff in the forget me not keepers.

Studio Remodel 088 copy
This is the stamp set cabinet (the retired ones I have kept are on the bottom shelf) as well as class stuff, door prize ticket pail, door prize filled collander, garbage pails, towels, and scrub pads, stampin mist bottles, baby wipes (that I swear I have bought more as a Demonstrator then I ever did for Eric's butt).

Studio Remodel 089 copy
Everything has a place.  It makes my anal-ness so happy.

Studio Remodel 090 copy
So back behind where I sit and under the embellishment cupboard is more storage, the tins are miscellaneous stuff.

Studio Remodel 091 copy
These two baskets hold my ribbon, the one on the bottom holds my wheels and cartridges.

Studio Remodel 093 copy
One of the drawers to the right of the cupboard holds my snail, glue dots, dimensionals, sticky strip etc. and my inspiration book.

Studio Remodel 094 copy
I hope you are not bored yet...we are almost done.  This drawer holds envelopes.

Studio Remodel 095 copy
This is just watercolor paper and scraps, Simply Adorned boxes, and my to-do box,things I want to blog, paperwork that needs to be done.  The other drawers just hold miscellaneous stuff.

Studio Remodel 097 copy
I love this big one under my computer.  I can open up my catalog fully while it is in the drawer and enter my orders, and the catalog is not cluttering up my desk. It holds tons of stuff, letting me keep my desk area relatively clean.

Studio Remodel 098 copy
This is the computer area, printer, the wall of us!

Studio Remodel 099 copy
Tracy gave me this a few years ago for displaying cards, but now I am using it for my to-do kinda list.  I write down what needs to be done and then I clip it up.  It is out of the way and it won't get lost.  Cool eh?

Studio Remodel 101 copy
Here is the infamous punch box. I love it.  Beside it is a basket with a fake ivy, it hides the water dealie that is supossed to be for like a soft water thing. I love my red angel and my SU! Statement of the Heart stamp.

Updated 1/4/2014, Jeff added undercounter lights so it is way  nicer, I also have a second drink bottle crate for more punches.


Oops, I forgot to show the classroom area, it's basically in my studio, but here's a picture...I should update this picture too, but would have to totally clean my whole studio....ha!

Open House Remodel 005 copy
There are three class tables, and I can seat 12 comfortably, so lots of room for you to come to class, I hope to see you soon!

I think that's it...thanks for sticking it out with me the whole time while it was getting done listening to me moan and groan, and worry, it was definitley worth it.

If you wanna see how it looked before (I was gonna do before and after pics in the post and that would have been even longer). If you go to my blog and in the left colomn it will say Check out my Stamping Studio, if you click on that you can see the old pictures, I'll leave them up for a few days and then I'll go in and add the updated ones.

I'll leave you with these scrabble tiles I have been sitting out. I change them once in a while...these ones connect...

Studio Remodel 104 copy
Studio Remodel 105 copy
...see the rest?

Well I think by now, you are ready for lunch, so I'll say have an amazing Friday and thanks so much for stopping in!

Added since original post:  A few questions,

How big is the room? The room is our 2 car garage converted so it is 20x20

How much did it cost? Sorry this one I am not going to answer, I don't want you to be mad that I don't. I think this is a personal question. If I told, some people would say I spent too much, I didn't spend enough, or stuff like that. This was all made custom for me so that would make the cost be different then standard cabinets you get at a hardware store, so without seeming mean, please understand if I don't answer this one, on here or even privately. OK?

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I'm a Stamper...

...not a painter.

So this is what Jeff and I did today.

Painting ceiling

While I covered the tables and everything with plastic drop cloths, and when I ran out of those, a white sheet, and also some plastic grocery sacsks...ha! Jeff put up blue tape all along the edges of the ceiling. I mean that is what its for right?  We were painting the ceiling a paint called Heavy Cream. Years ago it was white, and then when we painted the studio Certainly Celery we just did the ceiling too, but it sure made it darker in here, so with the new revamping I wanted to paint it lighter, so that is what we did today.  So after I did all the trim painting, and he did the rest, and we had to do two coats. After it dried, I started to remove the tape and found this...

Paint mess copy
What the heck? Are you kidding me?  I don't remember this happening on Divine Design while Candice is remodeling rooms. Jeff said "did you push the tape up against the wall before you started to paint?" and I am like "no, you didn't tell me to do that, you put the tape up and I figured that was that".

Christmas 2010 012 copy
So then I was trying to get a good job done around the ceiling fan with the brush and not having much luck and so then Jeff did it, and I watched him load the paint brush and slap slap slapped it on the inside of the paint can, and I am like "is that how you do that?" and he was like "haven't you ever painted before?" well apparently not that way, no wonder his was better cause he was really able to load that paint brush up, all day long I was dragging it on the side of the can...oh well, live and learn.

So then I was like I can not live with that horrible edge, so I got out my trusty artist paint brush (thanks BFF for telling me to do it, I know you were only joking, but it worked.)

Artist brush
So I went all along the edges with the Certainly Celery and fixed it.  There were a few places I could not reach but when the cabinets go in I will be able to get up close to the wall and finish it then.

So since I obviously got no stamping done today I thought I would share some Christmas pics with you.

Christmas 2010 004 copy
Here's Eric and his new game chair, it has speakers and woofers and maybe tweeters too. He can listen to his tv through it and also play his games, I sat in it today, and I could feel the woofers in my back.

Christmas 2010 005 copy
Here's Jeff and his new seat covers and steering wheel cover, it don't take much to make the man happy. Thank goodness, we can only have one high maintenance person in the family...who shall remain nameless.

Christmas 2010 009 copy
Look at this cute little bobble head beaver Eric got me.  Too funny when Eric and Mike (Eric's HAB helper) were out shopping, Mike called and named off all these animals and I had to pick the one I wanted.  So being I am Canadian, I picked the beaver.  I had no idea what I was getting I am just glad he was not at the pet store when he called.  I will show a picture of my desk lamp another day, but right now my desk is a mess from today's moving stuff around.

Christmas 2010 022 copy
I couldn't remember if I posted my little wire tree or not, I know I had taken pictures before of it, but was pretty sure I never shared it. This has MAMMa's snowman ornament on it, as well as a nice snowman one that my friend Kathy Bethune made a couple years back. The other little snowman I picked up on our trip to Illinois a couple years back. Would we have driven through the Adirondacks or something like that? If so, I got them there.

Christmas 2010 020 copy
When Melissa and I went shopping one day we picked up these 3 ornament balls that hold pictures, that I was supposed to decorate and still have not (that's why they aren't pictured here). I also picked this up and I loved how it displayed the little tag.  Now all this stuff will get put away till next year (well the wire tree will stay out...I love it, I will just put different stuff on it).  

So hopefully today's post was not too boring, I know that Jeff was ready for bed and complaining about his neck, painting the ceiling is a pain in the...well...neck, and I am looking forward to a nice nights sleep too.  I am almost done my Black Daggerhood book and want to get it done. I am not for sure if it is the last one or not, I need to google it. If it is I am sure gonna miss these characters.

Oops, my dryer just buzzed so I am gonna say nightie night!

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Like Ice...

...Sparkly and Cool!

Today I got my first Clear-Mount stamp set, and I got my Clear-Mount blocks too.  They are so beautiful, and I almost hate to use them, cause I know they are gonna get all inky. Now just to make sure you understand, the stamps are still rubber, but now you can stick them on the clear block and then take them off when you are done, and they store in this DVD kinda container. Neat eh? Especially if you have storage issues.  I will still get most of mine the old fashioned wood mount, cause it will be easier for classes, but I think the stamp sets I get "just for me" I might get the Clear-Mount way.

Wanna see em?

DSCN0009 copy
Aint they pretty? Look at the stamp set I picked to try them out. I love the lettering in this set. I'll make up a card to show you tomorrow with it ok?

I finished cleaning up my one cupboard, I want to start the year out fresh.  Wanna see that too? OK.

DSCN9980 copy
The top shelf has a shoe rack thing it gave me more shelves up there without having to actually add any. We have two of these "wardrobes", we got them years ago at Home Depot.  One side had a hang bar thing, so Jeff removed it, drilled holes and we bought more shelves.  I have the matching one for my stamp sets.  I need to clean it up too.  You can see more pictures of my studio on the left, but I need to update it, cause I have made some changes.

Anyway back to the cupboard:

Hanging on the doors are the brayers (important not to rest on the rubber), and the other door are just a few of my many years of name badges from events, and trips.

Top shelf has dollar store boxes with odds and ends in.  CD's of Workshop wow's, SU trips etc. The jars have buttons, brads etc. in them.  Some of the jars are old from my Granny's house, and they still have their honey or jam label on them, I love them, they make me smile and I love to re-use things or give them another purpose and these work great.To the right are 12x12 papers that won't fit in my 12x12 craft keepers, and I keep my rub-ons in there too. My label maker, it sure comes in handy.

Second shelf is the forget me not keepers with my etsy cards in them, extra odds and ends, the empty stamp set boxes are great for classes, for ribbon, designer series paper strips that you don't want to stuff into the envelope, etc. To the right is copy paper, catalogs and mini catalogs

Third shelf is glitter, embossing powders, ink refills, to the right is copy paper, glass jars that have not got anything in them...yet.  Binders with my Blog printed out.  I figure its like a journal/diary kinda...I always forget to print it half the time...ha!

Fourth shelf is ribbon, and to the right is adhesives, and envelopes for classes.

Fifth shelf is bowls for candy, old catalogs in the back, masking tapes, dictionary and thesaurus when I am at a loss for words...ha!...ok maybe the RIGHT word.  To the right is my zyron machine (which I never use and should sell), bond copy paper, and envelopes for general mailing.

There not too shabby eh? Now to keep it tidied up all the time.

I have class in the morning, so I am gonna call it a night.

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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