Stampin' Up! - Rae Dunn Style

Rae Dunn Stampin' Up!

Have you ever heard of Rae Dunn, it is the most fun pottery with words on it, sometimes cute pictures...I might have a bit of a problem collecting it...yes I know along with my stamps, shoes and purses...ha! But really I won't name names but I don't have as much as some people...p.s. now I owe you a quarter Earleen! Ha!

So I have found inspire and create a few times, and have them here and there in my studio, but I never could find a "share" well today I did..perfect!

Naughty or Nice Rae Dunn

I also found these cute bowls...they are actually meant for dog bowls...but they make cute candy dishes...I mean it ain't like dog food ever was in it.  So I wonder which bowl will empty quicker? The hugs or the kisses?  It's the cold and flu season so I hope it's the hugs. Ha!

I have my team Christmas party tomorrow so I will share more later...I gotta get my swap card done!

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Teach Me Tuesdays - Episode 2

Teach Me Tuesdays Episode 2 -

Tuesday was my second Teach Me Tuesdays episode, this one I did directly on YouTube instead of FaceBook and then uploading to YouTube. I am still undecided if I do one or the other, or keep switching them around.

What do you think?

Here is the video.

Are you going to make a couple? I know we went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant tonight, and I gave this to our favorite waitress, and she loved it.

Important: Don't forget this is the last chance to sign up for my Seasonal Card of the Month Class in the Mail for December - Bee Thankful

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Teach Me Tuesdays - Episode 1

Teach Me Tuesdays Tin Tag

EEK!!! Adding since original these tins are on sale starting December 5 for only $6.17....while supplies last!!!!

So Tuesday was my first Teach Me Tuesdays with Diana Gibbs over in my FaceBook group.  I think I might try to do a YouTube live next week instead. It might be easier and a better connection. It is all learning folks.

Here is the video, enjoy:


Here is the fun tin. Don't you want to make a bunch? Please make sure to get them ordered today so you get them in time to fill for Christmas...but these would look cute all through the year.

Teach Me Tuesdays Episode 1 Tin

Sometimes I do want to cry with technology, I mean I just get something figured out and then it gets Typepad, they now change the way to do the pictures on my blog, cause now the pics seem too big right? Why oh why? Just leave things alone. Nuff said.

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Fall Social Table Goodies

I just remembered I had not shared my Country INKers Fall Social highlights.  So today I will show the table goodies.

Country INKers Fall Social table setting Diana Gibbs

When everyone arrived this was sitting at their spot. We will go over the swag bag another day.

Fall Social Table goodies wreath Diana Gibbs

A while ago I shared this cute picture of the stacks of mini wreaths in the cute Baker's boxes.

Here is what it looked liked decorated.

Country INKers Fall Social wreath box Diana Gibbs

They also received a notepad and pen to keep notes on.

Country INKers Fall Social Notepad Diana Gibbs

Here is the inside, I used the Santa's Workshop DSP to decorate it. The Dear Santa comes in the matching Memories & More kit.

Country INKers Fall Social inside note pad Diana Gibbs

They also got one of the cute Santa bags filled with candies.

Country INKers Fall Social Santa sack Diana Gibbs

And one of the cute Polka Dot pillow boxes with a snickers bar inside.

Country INKers Fall Social polka dot pillow box Diana Gibbs

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I'll be back tomorrow and go over the swag bag.

Don't miss my Country INKers Spring Social in March 2019.

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Spooky Paper Pumpkin Goodies

Paper Pumpkin Sept 2018 -

I finally got around to getting some candies for my fun September Paper Pumpkin goodie bags.  I am back on my Fast Metabolism Diet so no candy for me.  But I am down 5 pounds! Yay!!!  The guys will enjoy the whole bag of candy corn flavored M&M's that must have been tossed around the store. They were all chipped and horrible, no way was I putting them in the bag...and I was not picking the good ones out either.

Don't forget to get your Paper Pumpkin subscriptions, they make great gifts too.

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Clearance Rack Updated - While supplies last!

 I am so glad that Last Man Standing is back on TV, I totally loved the first episode how they made fun of moving to a new network, having a new actress play one of the daughters, it was so neat to see everyone. Do you watch it? We also watched Cool Kids that came on after, with Vicki Lawrence from the Carol Burnett show, plus some other fun characters from old favorites like Martin Mull, David Alan Grier (who I hardly recognized with gray hair) and the hilarious Leslie Jordan. It was pretty funny too. Will be interesting to see if they have cameos from famous people on it. They did have Jamie Farr on there from MASH.

I have my last round of Fall Social in the morning, can't wait to see everyone.

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