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Tendon Repair Update 2

Tendon Repair Update 2 stamping with di (1)

Yesterday was a good day...well better day.

We went to the doc for my second follow up appointment from my tendon repair surgery. The doc unwrapped my leg...ahhh air!!! Took the stitches out...wowzers that hurt, pull on a toe hair..don't actually pluck it out just yang on it...that is what it felt I have had worse pain, smashing the pot and cutting the tendon hurt worse, kidney stones, tooth pain, but my foot had a mind of it's own and would jiggle. All the stitches but one came out and then the doc had me move the big toe.  Yay I could wiggle it up and down. Then she was like don't do that again, it needs to heal. So she cleaned it up and wrapped it for two more days, then I can unwrap it and actually get my whole body in the shower...yay!  

Still no weight on it for 2 weeks. Then I get an xray and the doc sees me again, then she will decide if I need another couple weeks with no weight. Good grief. If so I will need to rent the scooter longer, I told Jeff the other day I am glad we rented it cause if I had to see it in my house past this injury I would be burning it. I am blessed they invented it, but I hate the thing. I am so glad we took up all our carpet years ago.  But at least with the boot if I am laying down which the doc says I need to put it up more often, I can take the boot off and just rest it.  Tuesday I was in my studio for quite a while and I felt like my leg was going to explode, so I need to set the timer and rest it more often.

Here is the cute video from Tuesday:

That being said I still am determined...I am so do my October classes in the mail, the Christmas Season and the Sweets & Treats, but they will be November's classes. Even though this month is draggin' regards to getting back on my feet and is flying by in regards to my classes. So I apologize.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know how I have been doing. Thank you so much for the kind emails, texts, cards, gifts and flowers. You are all so kind. I know I am going to need to call my massage lady when this is all over, my body aches from all the twisting, good grief.

Don't forget that my Double Reward Points end tomorrow, Oct 22....Eric's 33rd birthday! What the what? I know right!!!

My October Give-Aways and my Goodies or Guts are through the end of October.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.