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Double Reward Points - October 14 - 22, 2021

Tendon Repair Surgery Update

I am hoping this works posting from my phone. I haven't been in the office since my last post. Had to have my tendon repaired, it was shredded. If only I had not flooded the laundry room, if only I had of left my flip flops on when I was soaking up all the water, if only that Rae Dunn flower pot had missed my many the Doc said if was another toe they probably would have not messed with it but you need your toe to walk and it was just dangling. The urgent care doc didn't do me any good especially just gluing it and sending me on my way walking on it. I knew it wasn't right but like I always say I'm a stamper not a fill in the blanks...this time Doctor. So another if only I had gone to the Stapley Urgent Care...but no more what ifs...can't change anything.
So I had my follow up appt yesterday and the doctor said she didn't use a graft as I am petite. I think that means skinny toes, so I go back in 9 days and get it unwrapped and then in the boot. No walking on it or any weight 4 or more weeks she will no more later. 
I am hoping that soon I will be able to use my knee scooter and cut dies and sit and color. 
Right now I just use it to get to the potty. TMI. Sorry.
Thanks for all your sweet messages, emails and texts, you are all so kind.
Have a great...Tuesday...had to look it up...ha! Thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di
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