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I Got The Boot!

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If you watched my Mimeograph Monday video you heard about my crazy accident on Sunday.

So we decided to go to Cigna Urgent care today and get an xray, I really was not liking how my toe felt...or didn't feel, and the angle it is at and how I was having trouble even moving they xrayed it to check to see if there were any bones broke, and yay there are none. But I have an appointment for an MRI in the morning to rule out any tendon damage as the Orthopedic Doc is afraid that has happened. So they put me in a boot with rules of staying off it and not to remove it.  Can you say stinky butt? How am I gonna get my pants off?

So till we know what is up, all classes in the mail and my YouTube lives are on hold. I am so sorry. I was so excited for October's Classes!

Please let me know if you need anything, that I can do from the couch!

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