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Tales From the Yard - Part 4 - Exciting Spring

Quail on bridge

I have shared tales from the yard a few times before....September and October in I looked...ha! I love this one of the quail on the top of Jeff's bridge hanging out.

We have had an exciting time in our backyard lately. We never have got quail for years and years and now we have, we think four of them, but we never see four at the same time.

Quail on feeder

Look how cute this little quail is, she knows where her feed is.  They are getting a little more used to the yard and are getting closer to the house.

Quail at water

I watched this one run right over and drink from the bowl today.

White dove

We have lots of doves, but today I saw a white dove!

White dove

Super cool right? I keep my camera on the kitchen window sill.

Quail couple and cardinal couple

We had been seeing the girl cardinal for a while but no boy, and after we said goodbye to Toby, the quail started to come AND the male cardinal, so I like to think that Toby made that happen.  Here you can see a male quail and cardinal and a female quail and eh?


There are actually 2 male cardinals, this is the bigger and brighter of the two, the other male is smaller. So I wonder if he is maybe a baby of the two? I like to guess their stories.


Then we have not seen an oriole in years and he is back too.  It is hard to get a pic, as my danged camera wants to focus on the trees in the background instead of the bird...grrrrr...I am hoping to get a better picture, but he is fast.

Added since original post....the morning light was better today and I got some great shots of the oriole.

Oriole in tree

Jeff said he was in the tree, so I got a few pics, then he got thirsty and came in for the hummingbird feeder and some better pics.

Oriole at feeder again

He is so beautiful I love that orange color.

Oriole at feeder

I'll have to keep the feeder full as I am sure he will drink more than the hummingbirds.  I told my sister Jax that I wish I had a window in my studio but then I probably would never get any work done.

Baby bunny

We have some cute bunnies, look at this little one.


About 15 minutes after I took the bunny picture, I looked out and the hawk was back and he was eating something furry...but it ended up being a ground squirrel...thank goodness we have lots of those.

So that is all the pics for the last while. I hope you enjoyed them and I wish my camera was better...or me!

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