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Rest in Peace our Sweet Toby

Toby sweet boy

RIP sweet sweet Toby. We had to say goodbye to my shadow, my sweet bub who was always by my side, even more so the last little bit where I had to be so careful not to step on him as he was right there and not so quick to move anymore.

We love you so much and know that you are running around chasing those cats in doggie heaven. Thanks for almost 14 years of unconditional love (his birthday was in July) and the best hugs, he would wrap his paws around your arm so tight. I won't be able to peel another carrot without crying cause he was always there begging for his piece.

I don't know how to end my day or start my day.  Who do I let out one more time to go potty, who will feed the chucks with me? Who will greet Carl the mailman so excitedly and not even a pee like everyone else he peed on. Who will I talk to during the day? Who will run down the sidewalk over to Eric's house when we would say "let's go see Eric?" Who will eat with us, he was a social eater, so he would get a little food in his mouth and chew it all the way to the table, only to fnish it and go back and get another piece. I forgot all the funny little things he did and those are the hardest as they pop up in my mind.  How he would spoon me, get under the cover and crawl so close beside me in the morning, just stay in bed a little longer Mum.  He wasn't able to sleep on the bed at the last as he was not able to keep control of his bodily functions, so we moved his suitcase bed closer to our bed so he was right there.

I didn't realize how much we spoiled this little pup until I went around collecting all his little toys to put them in his sleeping suitcases for another day, and then wishing I had bought him just one more.

I don't know why this has hit me harder than the other pups, even Sammi I didn't feel so bad or at least I don't remember, I think it was cause we had Toby to love on and heal our hearts when we lost Sammi. Maybe cause Toby is our last and the house is ever so quiet. I never thought I had so many tears.

Here's some pics of our little Bubba, Toby wonkinobee, Tobes, all the little nicknames we called you. We love you Toby, you were the best boy ever.

Toby and tube

Toby loved those cardboard tubes, and don't get me started on the empty water bottles or the sqweaker toys.

Toby in SU! apron

I remember when we put the build a bear Stampin' Up! apron on him, he didn't realize how cute he was.

Toby at the carwash

Oh he hated the carwash but I would run through it on the way to the groomer, I would cover his head with his blanket.

Toby on bed

I remember when he would get on the bed and wiggle himself in all the pillows.

Toby and snapchat

This one makes me laugh, those snapchat filters are fun, he hated to get his picture taken.

Toby in Eh Basket

This one was too funny too, I was in the front room on the chair and wondered where he was, he had crawled in this little basket that holds a blanket...it was not even a basket to sleep in but if he fit he went in it.

Toby sweet face

Oh how I will miss those little eyes looking up at me as he wondered where are we off to now Mum? TV, stamping or his favorite, let's go to bed...the last year or so he would cry at bed time if we didn't go to bed at the right time. He was tired and ready.

Toby watching chicks

I remember when we got the chicks and he would stand at that window and watch them when they were in the house and cried he would run to them and we would tell him they were ok. 

Toby on my chair

One of his favorite places, was my chair. He would squeeze back and sit behind me, he had done that since he was a pup.

Toby on chair puppy

It really just seems like yesterday that he was this little.

Toby the goat

Oh he loved his Dad, he would be so excited when Jeff got home from work and he would go up and lay on the back of the chair, we would call him a goat. I remember when Jeff didn't think we needed another dog, and when Eric and him came home from fishing there Toby was. Oh they loved each other so much.

Toby Final

Jeff got up early Saturday morning and made a beautiful cross for Toby's grave.  I can see it from the window.

Toby Memory Box

Jeff had made this little wooden box a couple years ago when we thought we were going to lose Toby but we got a couple bonus years. It holds little mementos of our sweet boy.

Thanks for letting me share these memories and thanks for all the kind words on FaceBook and those that have met Toby thanks for all the love you gave him when you were here.

Love those fur babies extra hard for us.

Hugs, Di