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Tales From the Yard - Part Two - The Watering Hole

yellow bird https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

Ok it's really not a hole...but it is an aluminum cake pan that we keep water in for critters. I love looking out and seeing all the animals take a drink. I keep my camera on the windowsill, I took off the screen and try to keep the window clean. We just finished the painting inside so this weekend I was cleaning windows and screens while Jeff put new blinds on...so I thought I would share some of the critters that I have spotted at the "watering hole" lately. Here is another part of my Tales From the Yard.

The little yellow bird above, I think is a finch.

woodpecker https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

This is not the watering hole and this is not a hummingbird, we have been bombarded this year with woodpeckers. It is nuts.

hummingbirds https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

These are hummingbirds, and I wish my camera had a blacklit feature so these would take better pics...grrr.... ok back to the hole.

bunny https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

Happy bunny getting a drink.

roadrunner butt https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

Whose butt is that?

roadrunner https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

Why it is Mr. Roadrunner, I love when he comes to the yard....the lizards...

roadrunner and lizard https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

...not so much. Not sure they are the same roadrunner or not.

roadrunner https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

He does love the yard though.

dove https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

We always have lots of doves. Here is one kind.

2 doves https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

Then these are younger and different kind.

bird https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

I can't remember what Jeff thought this was, grackle, the kracken?

female cardinal https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

Then he got some new feed and I said oh that will bring more variety of birds, and not five minutes later there was a female cardinal.

female cardinal on fence https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/10/tales-from-the-yard-part-two-the-watering-hole.html

I haven't seen the male one yet.

There how was that for a fun post?

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