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Tales from the Yard



Last night when I took Toby out to potty, the moon was so bright and there was a bright red dot above it, I went and got my camera and took a pic...I wish I had a telescope. You can see it in this picture. Then I went back in to tell Jeff and when I came back out it was gone. Google says this "The planet Mars trails the Moon across the sky tonight. They climb into good view by 10:30 or 11 p.m., with Mars to the lower left of the Moon. It looks like a bright orange star."


But the pics are still kinda cool. 

So then when I uploaded the pics I realized I had a bunch of animal pics from the backyard on the camera. I keep a camera on my window sill, ya never know what will show up in the yard.


The bunnies are always fun to watch.

Road runner

I love when the road runners hang out. Meep! Meep!


I think I shared these guys already...I have not got a pic of the three of them yet in the water bowl...they are very skittery and one always hops out before I can.

small bird

This cute little bird whatever it is. Probably thinking "I smell toad."

ground squirrel

This little chunky monkey ground squirrel. I always call them prairie dogs. He's like "you looking at me?" I asked Jeff I wonder what they thought the first time one of them stood on it's back legs...cause really I don't think they have always done that right? I mean back in the beginning of time. They really are cute, but a nuisance, look behind and you can see how they have dug under the backyard kitchen....grrrrr....

prairie dog

I have even suggested veggies, and he chowed down on them. Ha!

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