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Pretty Blue Box

Leaders summit gift https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/08/pretty-blue-box.html

I can't remember if I shared my pretty blue box before?  I know I did not share what was in it if I did...cause I was waiting till today to post pictures, not everyone had received their boxes yet.

Leaders summit gift https://www.stampingwithdi.com/2020/08/pretty-blue-box.html

Ta! Da!  Pretty champagne flutes with the Stampin' Up! logo. Too pretty to use (I am a clutz - so I just pretended to toast during the live) they are back up in my display cabinet next to my Tiffany Advisory Board award. Thanks Stampin' Up! for always making us feel special.

We were supposed to be in New Orleans for a few days at Leaders Summit, but it was changed to a virtual event. Thank goodness with the horrible storms headed that way. I pray everyone is safe.

Today started the first day of the 3 day virtual event, and it was neat to see everyone...well I couldn't see everyone...but a lot of people. We tease we can wear whatever we want...business on the top, jammies on the bottom.

I can't wait to see what we talk about tomorrow and the classes I will take.

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