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Teach Me Tuesdays - Episode 37

Sit a Spell

Elm trees

Jeff had these huge elm treees in pots and then when he moved them between our house and Eric's little house he wanted them out of the pots, so he built these planter dealiebobs around them, so this weekend he added the rest of the up and down boards, and then he like stains them with this concoction he makes up so it ages the wood. Cool eh?

New kitchen table

He finished the new kitchen table, love it! We just painted our original chairs to match. Jeff is not a fan of them, he wants a cushion, I shopped in my house, that is all the shopping I do since March...ha! and found a couple throw pillows I had on our bed one time and they work for now...I took them away for the pic. I shabby'd it all up a bit...I even painted the lazy susan. A little bit of paint does wonders eh?

Table top

Here is the top of the table so you can see how cool it is. He framed the alder wood with walnut wood and then stained it and polyurethaned it.  We had a round table there before. This feels so much bigger although Jeff says it is the same width. 

Now he can just relax and take it easy...ha! Easier said then done eh?

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