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The New Bench Table

So I mentioned a couple weeks ago after Jeff finished my Country Farm Table for the studio, that he was working on project #2. Just like the table I told him what I had in mind, he took some measurements and then his brilliant mind and awesome woodworking skills made it happen. I am so blessed and lucky to have this man as my husband. He is so cute, when he comes home every day and I am in my studio working he always comes in and sees how I am doing, but now he has to rub his hands on the tables...ha!

Glued bench table base and top

So here are the pieces starting to get glued together. Can you figure it out? OK I just realized I put the answer in the title of the post...ha!

Bench table base

Well this a weird angle for the picture, but here is the what Jeff is calling a bench table. This is the base.

Stained bench table

He did the same as he did for the farm table, he stained it first before painting it.

Painted bench table

Here it is all painted and drying before he moved it into the studio.

Bench table in studio no top

So here you can see how long it is and how super cute it is. It is 9 feet by 18 inches. I let it sit a couple days before I shabby'd it up like the farm table.

Bench table top pieces

So then he got working on the top, laying out the pieces. Like the farm table, lots of glueing and dowel rodding. It is basically a skinny version of the farm table top.

Gluing bench table top

He has lots of clamps, that is a good thing.

Stained bench table top

Here it is all stained and ready for the polyurethane, I love this part cause it means it will be done soon.

Installing top on bench table

Then he got it all measured and put on. He used the same wooden button doohickies to install the bench table top that he did for the farm table top. I let it sit for 24 hours so it was really dry before I decorated it.

Decorated bench table front

Here it is from the front. I have my light table, my postage scale and tape, envelopes, team cards/vouchers, customer post it's, inspiration binders, catalogs etc. Other stuff I use regularly hid in some cute accessories. I asked Jeff if the bench table looked too busy and he said no it's not doing anything...ha! Such humor.  I am sure like my whole studio things will get moved around over time, but for now. I am so excited and love how it turned out. I have always loved my studio but this has just finished it amazingly for how I am taking my business to be totally virtual and online.

Two tables together

Here you can see the two tables together, and my super cute hutch as well. I am planning to do a studio tour for my Teach Me Tuesdays FaceBook Live today so I need to bet busy and tidy up the other side behind the camera...ha!

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