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Queen of the Country Farm Table

See what I did there? I mean I did have a beta fish called King Arthur...ha!

Jeff has been making me a couple projects for the revamped studio (I am totally online and virtual now) and the first one is done. 

I just mentioned what I wanted and how much it would cost if I got one already made and he was like I can make it and he did.  My husband is the best and his mind is amazing. I took a lot of pics...sorry! I wanted to have a record of the process to look back on.


I wanted fat legs (I guess I should have been more my own personal ones are now fat...ha!) and this was Jeff doing his drawings etc.

Glued legs

He glued the wood together to make sure after he turned the legs they would be fat/chunky/sexy...ha!

Ready to turn

Here he is getting ready to start.

Turning legs

Turning, turning...and more turning.


This is after they were turned...way cool right?

Glued table

So after a lot of work he had the table base ready to be painted. I wanted to do it shabby chic to match the hutch.

Stained table

So before he could paint to give the look after we shabby and scuffed it up, he stained it walnut. This was also the same stain he was going to use on the top. Different wood though and it took the stain way different. The base was red wood, a soft wood so it was not as hard to turn the legs. OK I say not as hard cause that is what he said...I know that turning those legs was hard. I could never have done this at all. The top is alder, a hard wood and the same wood as my cabinets in the studio.

Painted table

So he took it outside and painted it antique country white something after the stain was dry.

Table in studio

Then Eric and Jeff carried it into the studio...eek!!! It is so heavy.  After a few days of letting it dry really good. I shabby'd up the base and legs.

Shabby base

Can you see the shabby? I also rubbed them with this wax stuff that I am not super sure it did anything, but I think it is more of a protectant.

Class in the mail laying on table base

So it was going to be a while before the top was made so Jeff laid a board across it so I could use it...sorta!

Table top in shop ready stain

Then he started on the table top. A lot of glueing and racket and pinioning or something and doweling.

Table top sanding

Lots of sanding. He has been getting a few new tools...Father's Day gifts I say. This old sander was a piece of poo, so he has a new one now.

Stained table top
Here is the top all stained. Now he had to put on 3 coats of polyurethane to protect it. Have I mentioned we have been having 112 degree days?

Table polyurethane

This is not sure what coat...he would sand it lightly between each one.

Attaching the table top

Then the guys carried the top in this morning, I think it is heavier than the base. Here is Jeff (the King to my Queen) measuring to get it on straight. It actually got done and in the studio one day earlier than he said.

Well, isn't it gorgeous? The table...I know my hubby is. Shhhh don't tell him.

I already have it loaded down with sale packages of retired goodies to go to new homes tomorrow.

Now he has started on project 2. Hmmmm....what will it be?

Ok enough blabbering. I gotta make the man his supper!!!

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