Teach Me Tuesdays Episode 34
The New Bench Table

Chocolate & Caramel...oh my!

Baked chocolate cakes www.stampingwithdi.com

I had these little cake pans in my cupboard forever and I got a bug up my butt and wanted to use them. I had a chocolate cake mix in the cupboard and some fresh duck eggs just quacking to be used.  I was not too sure how much batter to put in them and I was a little too heavy handed as they baked up too tall, but at least did not spill over. I had enough to do a round cake too.

Cut off cake www.stampingwithdi.com

I trimmed the bottoms of the mini cakes so they would sit flat...I may or may not have eaten the evidence...Ok I did..but I just wanted to make sure it was edible for my dear sweet husband.

Chocolate ganache www.stampingwithdi.com

I wanted to make a chocolate ganache to drizzle on the mini cakes, they are not really a bundt cake cause it is just a divot in the center not a hole.

Ganache on cake www.stampingwithdi.com

I also should have poured the ganache on the cakes while they were on the wire rack with a cookie sheet to collect the rest, but hey this was my first time.

Mini cakes in dish www.stampingwithdi.com

So after they set up a bit I put them in the cake dish and they looked so good.  I also did cut me a piece of the round cake with the ganache...again to test it before Jeff got home. So I was gabbing to Jeff on his drive home and I was like you will never believe what I made...so then I said what would you like with whatever I made..would you like me to add homemade whipped cream or homemade caramel sauce...and of course he said caramel. 

Caramel sauce www.stampingwithdi.com

So I whipped up a caramel sauce that is so delicious it is hard to wait to eat some before it cools...I usually pour it in a container so the pot can cool down and I can lick it clean. Here I am stirring it really good one last time. Ususally I add salt at the end but since I made it to go over the cake I didn't.

Caprese salad skewer www.stampingwithdi.com

So on the way home Jeff stopped and picked up the groceries I had ordered online...boy I can't wait to shop on my own again, (I just can't bring myself to go in anywhere, my anxiety level goes through the roof) some of the fresh produce that gets picked should be thrown in the garbage...in fact the mushrooms we got were rotten, they stunk to high heaven and were slimy and moldy.  Back to the other grocery store we go. Grrr.... so while the caramel was cooling I made a quick balsalmic vinegar glaze to put on the caprese skewers. We finally got mozzarella balls!!! Jeff has basil growing in the backyard so that was awesome and fresh. We always get these when we would go to Sauce so I wanted to make them myself, they were really good.

We made personal pizzas, cause I had some pizza dough thawed from when I made it a couple weeks ago.  Jeff says he is not a fan of homemade pizzas, so we won't do that anymore, but I wanted to use up the pizza dough.

Mini cake with caramel sauce www.stampingwithdi.com

Then we got to finally eat our mini cakes. Amazing.

So I was down a few pounds when I got up this morning...I don't think that will be the case tomorrow.

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