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Teach Me Tuesdays - Episode 26

You are Never Too Old to Learn

Scones in cake dish

I have been baking and cooking a lot, I mean more than probably my 55 years of age. We may never eat out again. I have also put on 10 pounds....I will lose it when we can go back to shopping regularily but for now this keeps my mind busy. These amazing scones are a recipe from my friend Melanie Hopes.

So anyway, look what I learned.

Upside down cake dish

I commented that I should put this away because I keep baking for it...and my friend Connie Smith said turn it upside down and it is a bowl for fruit and veggies...and I was like what the what? Did you know that?

Potatoes in upside down cake dish

I mean holy heck look how cute these potatoes are in it.

Making macaroon kisses

So one of the most requested recipes I think I have on my blog is the Macaroon Kisses. It is from 10 years ago almost to the date...wowzers!  Anyway here are a couple things since I did the original post.  I now use the small pampered chef scoop thing to make my balls so I got 44 of them instead of 32. With our new oven it takes 12 - 14 minutes to cook instead of 10 - 12.

Finished kisses

Oh and I dare you to wait to eat one until the hershey's kiss gets hard again...I never can, I mean I ate 4 already.

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