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Why I'm a Stamper!

Lemon curd cookies

This post is why you will never see In The Kitchen with Diana on TV...or anywhere but here.

I made lemon curd cookies last night.


I got fresh lemons as I needed zest and juice and I thought I wanted to make my own curd (although I did buy some already made at the store - I just was not sure if they would have it when I did my online order to be picked up). I still want to try though.

Notice how roughed up my lemons are? I was having a hard time getting my lemon zester to get the skin off...then last night in bed I woke up and was like hey I was not using the zester! Then I could hardly sleep thinking about where the heck was my zester?

Cheese grater

This is a cheese grater, not a zester. (this is what I was using to get off the zest) Yes folks step right up and be why I am a stamper! I am good at eating though!!!! P.S. Sorry cheese grater for the curses I was giving you about being the worst zester ever.

Nail file

This is a nail file, not a zester.


This is a jester, not a zester.


This is a I wonder how much more lemony the cookies would be if I actually could have gotten any kind of amount of zest at all off those lemons?

I hope that I have taught you a little today.

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