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Pre-Order Your 2020-2021 Catalog Now - or Get It Free!

2020 -2021 catalog cover

I can not believe it is that time of year again, the new catalog is around the corner. As a Demonstrator one of the perks is getting it early, and I should be getting one in my mailbox very soon....we also get a PDF to look at as well.
May 5, Demonstrators will be able to pre-order new stuff! It is like Christmas time!!!
I would love to have you join my team and you too can do like I did and get your hands on yummy goodness early.

Did you know that you can pick brand new stuff in your starter kit?  Yep you can pick pre-order it!!  For $99.00 and tax (Stampin' Up! pays the shipping...more savings for you), you can pick $125.00 worth of goodies.


Ok but you say "I don't really want to be a Demonstrator right now, I prefer to just order from you and get that amazing customer service you always give, I just want the catalog."


No worries...if you are one of my Virtual Stamp Club Members, one of my current Paper Pumpkin subscribers or one of my regular customers and you have ordered at least $50.00 (before tax & shipping) since November 2019 (there is still time!) I will send you a catalog free. Please make sure to log into your account and correct your mailing address if necessary. If you have checked the no contact box in the past this is the perfect time to uncheck that so that I can send you a catalog if you earned one...otherwise I don't know who you are. If you are not sure, log in and double check ok?


Don't forget that you are also earning Double Reward Points through April 28.

 Updated: I was wrong on my catalog price....correct price is below....

If you are not a regular customer and you do not have a Demonstrator but you would like a catalog, the cost of mailing the catalog is $4.50 when I get them ordered by April 28, (it will be $7.30 if I have to send them after that) the catalog is free and my gift to you, I just need to recoop the postage.  I will send you a paypal link for the $4.50, and I will also send you a coupon for $4.50 off your first order of $50.00 or more so you will get your postage money back. Cool eh?


(Please note I can only mail catalogs within the US, thanks for understanding.)


Catalogs will be mailed around the middle of May.  You can begin ordering from it on June 3.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at .

Teach Me Tuesdays - Episode 26

Teach Me Tuesdays YouTube FaceBook

I showed this card years ago...but I figured if TV shows can replay an episode and call it "new" so that my DVR records it and they just add 5 minutes of added footage, I can show some old techniques or ideas and just update them right?

What a fun card eh? It totally worked out using the DSP.

So our modem is not working in the house, and they can't come check it out till Friday so I need to get off here. I am connected to Eric's from his little house and it is super slow. I will take my laptop over to Eric's house and see if it is any better in the morning.  The retiring list comes out Wednesday so fingers crossed I can post it.

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Ornate Garden Suite Available - while supplies last

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You are Never Too Old to Learn

Scones in cake dish

I have been baking and cooking a lot, I mean more than probably my 55 years of age. We may never eat out again. I have also put on 10 pounds....I will lose it when we can go back to shopping regularily but for now this keeps my mind busy. These amazing scones are a recipe from my friend Melanie Hopes.

So anyway, look what I learned.

Upside down cake dish

I commented that I should put this away because I keep baking for it...and my friend Connie Smith said turn it upside down and it is a bowl for fruit and veggies...and I was like what the what? Did you know that?

Potatoes in upside down cake dish

I mean holy heck look how cute these potatoes are in it.

Making macaroon kisses

So one of the most requested recipes I think I have on my blog is the Macaroon Kisses. It is from 10 years ago almost to the date...wowzers!  Anyway here are a couple things since I did the original post.  I now use the small pampered chef scoop thing to make my balls so I got 44 of them instead of 32. With our new oven it takes 12 - 14 minutes to cook instead of 10 - 12.

Finished kisses

Oh and I dare you to wait to eat one until the hershey's kiss gets hard again...I never can, I mean I ate 4 already.

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Ornate Garden Suite Available - while supplies last

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Double Reward Points Start Today!

Double Country Dozen Rewards Eggs

This will stay on the top of my blog posts till April 28, please scroll down for today's post.
April is my birthday month so I thought I would end it with Double Country Dozen Rewards.  
The retiring list will be out on the 22nd too. Don't forget to get all the outgoing In Color colors so you have stock of those, especially the ink pad refills they run out fast every year.
I want to thank everyone who has participated so far and I hope you are enjoying your free stamps, make sure to keep track of your orders as well as the order dates, so your eggs don't expire.
Have fun shopping!!
Starting April 21 - April 28 until midnight when you place an online order through my store that totals $50.00 before tax and shipping you will earn not 1 egg, but 2, order $100.00 before tax and shipping and you will earn 4 eggs, and so on. Cool eh?
Here is the flyer so you can print it out and keep track.  It also explains all the other details about the rewards program.
Stampin' Rewards (a.k.a. Hostess Benefits)

Please remember that when you place an order that totals at least $150.00 (before tax and shipping) you have earned Stampin' Rewards, but you have to be ordering through my on-line store in order to get them, so please use the link below to get there directly. The ordering system will ask you for your choices before you close the order.
Here is the link  to make it easier.
I would love to have you part of my Di's Country INKers Team of Demonstrators all over the USA.

Did you know that you can apply your Stampin' Rewards to the totally customizable starter kit ? Yes, that means depending on what your Stampin' Rewards are you could get your choice of up to $125.00 worth of any Stampin' Up! products and a business supply pack valued at $50.00 - that is a value of $175.00 for only $99.00 plus tax...Stampin' Up! pays the shipping so that makes it even a better deal!!

Then start earning your Demonstrator discount immediately!

Please note that this Country Dozen Rewards program is being offered by me, Diana Gibbs only, and not Stampin' Up!

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Ornate Garden Suite Available - while supplies last


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Why I'm a Stamper!

Lemon curd cookies

This post is why you will never see In The Kitchen with Diana on TV...or anywhere but here.

I made lemon curd cookies last night.


I got fresh lemons as I needed zest and juice and I thought I wanted to make my own curd (although I did buy some already made at the store - I just was not sure if they would have it when I did my online order to be picked up). I still want to try though.

Notice how roughed up my lemons are? I was having a hard time getting my lemon zester to get the skin off...then last night in bed I woke up and was like hey I was not using the zester! Then I could hardly sleep thinking about where the heck was my zester?

Cheese grater

This is a cheese grater, not a zester. (this is what I was using to get off the zest) Yes folks step right up and be why I am a stamper! I am good at eating though!!!! P.S. Sorry cheese grater for the curses I was giving you about being the worst zester ever.

Nail file

This is a nail file, not a zester.


This is a jester, not a zester.


This is a I wonder how much more lemony the cookies would be if I actually could have gotten any kind of amount of zest at all off those lemons?

I hope that I have taught you a little today.

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Ornate Garden Suite Available - while supplies last

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