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We went to get Travel ID's today, the little star dealiebob on your drivers license. Gathered up our passports, toe nail clippings, some nose hairs and all the other required information they need. Jeff got his no problem. But grrr...I can't get one because my permanent green card has no exp. date on it. For the love of Pete, drives me nuts that the US is the only one that has issues with this and no other country does. When I got my green card 35 years ago they said it was good forever, there is no expiration date. Well now with all the scannable stuff, I can't scan it cause there is no date.  So it is still good but people have issues with it...ugh!  I think they should just replace it for free cause it is not my fault right? Jeff is so cute, he thinks if we just go to the immigration office and explain they will just replace it for free.  I highly doubt it. It is expensive to do it, but what ya gonna do? I have filled out the online papers to have it replaced. I was back and forth to get my citizenship and that costs even more (and I have to do a test, that gives me hives) for the time being I will at least get a card that can be scanned and people won't give me grief when we come back into the country...or want a Travel ID star.  Vent over! Ha!

On the way home from the DMV we went to KFC.

Donut chicken sandwich

If I can't get a Travel ID star on my driver's license at least KFC didn't care if I ate a donut chicken sandwich...oh it was good...messy but good...I don't wanna know how many calories good...I think I clogged just 2 arteries card no expiration date we don't care, eat this good.

Here is my quick Teach Me Tuesdays video for this week.

Am I the only one that cries a little when Young Sheldon shows something from The Big Bang Theory. The other night they showed the cafeteria from the show...wipe away the tears.

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March Seasonal Class in the Mail - Welcome Easter

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