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Teach Me Tuesdays episode 17 easy cling mount

So a couple months back I had to get another EGD done. Making sure that my throat is not developing any bad things since my sphincter does not close (the stomach one...not the other). While in there they broke up a schatski ring , not to be confused with the word shatzi that Jeff will say now and then.  Seems the meds I have been on for a year for my silent reflux are not really working so they switched me to a different kind. Our insurance makes us fill prescriptions for 3 months. So a week before I am out I call the pharmacy and they say that there is no more renewal and they will contact the doc. So days go by and I am almost out of pills so I call the pharmacy and they are like the doc has not called it in. So I call the doc and the nurse says that since this is a maintenance drug that this RX should be taken over by my family doc. I am like what? that was never discussed or did this ever happen the whole time I was on the other drug.  So of course it is the weekend, and they call me Monday and say yes my family doctor should take this over. I am livid.  I call my family doc and they say ok, today it is now 5 days that I have not taken a pill...and no one has renewed the RX. They are gonna have to write one for high blood pressure cause this is ridiculous. Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?

OK enough of my about a quick little video from my Teach Me Tuesdays Series?

Simple eh?

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