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Thoughtful Blooms & Small Bloom Punch

Thoughtful Blooms & Punch

Aren't these such pretty cards? These are some fun cards that Stampin' Up! shared. This is one of the stamp sets, as well as the punch that you can earn for free during Sale-A-Bration. If you place an order that totals $150.00 before tax and shipping you could get both. Plus $15.00 in Hostess Benefits...not a bad deal eh?

To earn free stamps click on the pictures below to order: 

I had to get new hearing aids last month, my old ones were petering out and way out of warranty.  We had a crazy health year so all our deductibles were met so I said I better get them in 2019 instead of waiting. I picked them up around Christmas and I have had to go back so many times for adjustments. I had to go again today and I love my Doctor but the scheduler guy needs to make the appointments better, I sit usually 45 minutes in the waiting room each time, and they tell you to come early, and I do.  So they need to remake my ear molds and when I made the appt. to go get them and be refitted they asked how long the doc said half an hour or an hour, and I said she didn't. So he said ok half an hour cause it is just refitting, and I was like she said she would need to re-run the tests etc. so you better say an hour. I have never gone in there that I am not almost an hour in there. He said no, just half an hour, cause we are busy...I wanted to scream. That is why you wait. They do not schedule the times right...ok enough of that. It is a love/hate with the new ones, they are so smart they try to figure things out. So if I am in a store and there is loud background noises, they turn that down but then I can't hear the person talking to me cause that is turned down too. I said can't you just make them like my old ones? But they can't.  Good grief. Well at least I can hear...sorta!

I have been working on a few things for my Spring Social coming up in March. I had to go to Home that is all I will say, and let you think...what the heck is she getting at Home Depot?

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