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Peek-A-Boo Card Part 2

  Peek-a-boo card Over the Moon

Cow kisses are much better than cowlicks...speaking from someone who has lived with one all her life! Ha! In fact I am off to get my hair cut...again. I think I need to change my shampoo and conditioner to hair that is like straw....we had a rainy cold day today and my hair hates any kind of humidity or just needs to be shorter. My hair dresser says she does not think I am going to like growing it out to it's natural color but I need to just stick to my guns...I think if I go shorter it will help the hair that has been colored that is probably damaged sorta.

Peek-a-boo card Over the Moon inside

So I played around with a different size of cardstock and made an even cuter Peek-A-Boo Card if there can be from the meerkat one eh? But look at those lipstick marks on Clayton the Cow's face...he is smitten with Clara and her strawberry blonde locks!!! This is a pg rated blog so I will not mention her udders...but there is a saying in the set that says "You're Udderly Fantastic....soooo...the kisses came from the This Little Piggy set. I bet you are thinking oh wow what else can I put kisses on?

Peek-a-boo Over the Moon other side

I just had to use the little cacti again from The Gang's All Meer, cause they are so cute and fun to color too...and well we have them in our yard.

Peek-a-boo card Over the Moon other angle

Here is another angle. They are so fun to look at. They look so cute sitting on my hutch. This one would make a great valentine's card eh?

Here is how I did this fun card.

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So I have two plants in the came from our neighbor and one came from a dear friend that has passed away so I am so glad that they are growing with no problems. Then I went and bought some more different kinds and for the love of Pete we have those danged old flies from the dirt now...I have put in granuals that are supposed to kill the eggs in the dirt, and little yellow sticky flags that they stick to. Have you used anything that works?

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Peek-A-Boo Card Cuteness

Peek-a-boo Card The Gang's all Meer front

I teased you yesterday with this cute Peek-A-Boo Card...I did go and look at the huge sign in the spare room and that is what it said. So Diorama or Peek-A-Boo Cards either one...adorable...oh and wait till I share a different one tomorrow. I tell you they are addicting. I showed it to Jeff when he got home and he loved it, and he even gave me an idea for another one......January the month of Peek-A-Boo Cards!!!! What one do you want to make?

Here is my Teach Me Tuesdays video to learn how easy it is to make.

Peek-a-boo Card The Gang's all Meer side 1

Here is the one side of the card. I love these little cactuses...or cacti.

Peek-a-boo Card The Gang's All Meer other side

Here is the other side with the fun little lizard...and the sweet timid little Marie the meerkat on the front.

Peek-a-boo Card The Gang's All Meer inside

Here it is peeking inside, these are so hard to get a good picture of...I mean I am a stamper and not a photographer so I try anyway, I had taken them inside the lightbox dealie and that was even worse, so just holding them in my hand seems to be the best.

Peek-a-boo Card back

Here is the back I forgot to show on the video, especially if you are coloring with the Stampin' Blends, they will bleed through so I just cut a piece of cardstock and glued it to the back to hide that bleed through.

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So as I listen to the video I hear my sisters voice, (especially when I get to laughing) we sound so much alike...our Mum too. I remember years ago when I worked at a CPA office I called home and left a message for Jeff on the machine...I said "call me when you get home" and hung then hours later I got home before he did and played the message and was like oh Jacqui called...SOOOO I called my sister and said "what is up?" and she was like "I never called"....yep it was MY message...........doh!

Jeff is watching the Oak Island Show, I have only seen a bit of them from time to time, wow the money they have spent trying to find that treasure eh?

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Peek at the Meerkats

Teach Me Tuesdays sneak peek

I am just popping in quick to show you a sneak peek of what will be my Teach Me Tuesdays video. I love these little meerkats in the Sale-A-Bration set "The Gangs All Meer". The video is set to at 3pm, Arizona time today. We don't change our clocks so it can get confusing what time zone to call I just say Arizona time.  I had originally wanted to do my Teach Me Tuesdays live, but my connections are not always good and the video was jittery or not working, so I figured I would just tape them and set them to go at that time.  This way I can do them when it is quiet at home...or at least not a day the mailman comes...ha!

Teach Me Tuesdays YouTube FaceBook

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I am off to whip up some more of these little gems to share with you other days.

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Did I?

Spring social sneak peek

I have been working on table goodies for my upcoming Country INKers Spring Social. This is just a sneak peek of sumthin' sumthin'. What the heck is that?

So one TV show I would love to be on is? Can you guess? Nope not that one. Definitely not Survivor...ha! I always wonder, gee....glasses and hearing aids...I would never survive just getting off the boat where they have to swim to shore.

I want to be on My Lottery Dream Home. That would mean, we were rich (oh and we bought a lottery ticket...ha!) and could buy like a retirement home in Canada near my the summer. Plus I would get to meet David Bromstad who I have loved since watching Color Splash...where I learned about Home Goods...ha! I may have a leetle bit of a Rae Dunn problem, but it is getting better.

But till then (and I don't think I said anything, or put pictures on my blog...when I searched kitchen or laundry nothing came up..I think I just showed them on FaceBook)...we updated our kitchen last year.  It really needed it, since it was all original...everything. The appliances were getting old (except the dishwasher we had replaced a few years back) and the tile counter...ugh.

Before kitchen

So here it is before, I remember when we had the house built 23 years ago, we had just added on to our home in Mesa and had updated that kitchen and had put in tile counters, so I wanted them again. Well I guess it was popular way back then.

New appliances

We asked around and ended up getting Slate appliances and we love them, no finger prints! We sold our hardly used stainless steel dishwasher to our neighbor so all the appliances matched. We still love them. So we could not do the counters right away, as we had a hard time getting the original person that came and did measurements to get back to we went with another company and they were awesome. We even had to move a wall back to the left of the fridge and a cabinet down (had no idea all these years it was not the same height as the other) you would never know it was done. We decided not to paint the cabinets as we loved how the wood looked with the new appliances, and well we live in the desert and I think white would drive me nuts cleaning it all the time.

New appliances laundry

So then our 30 year old appliances in the laundry room were like, heck we can't compete with those new appliances, so the washer stopped working, I mean if I stood there and held the button it would keep working but well...I have a life. Jeff had replaced the belt many times in the dryer, but he was like nope...we are getting new ones. So we wanted to get them to close as possible to the kitchen. I must tell you, I love doing laundry now. I was scared to get front loading cause I had heard people complain, but Jeff wanted we did, and now I am glad...please God don't let me just have jinxed that. Knock on wood.

Updated kitchen

So we had to go to OnStage, and then right away I was scheduled to get a hysterectomy, so the guys came in as soon as we got back from Texas and installed the granite counters (we made the island bigger), new sink etc. and the backsplash. We also had bought enough granite to update both bathroom counters too. Boy was that the hardest time recuperating, cause I so wanted to keep it looking nice, and put stuff away but I could not do anything for a fact I remember having a set back as I was feeling a bit better and started doing the dishes and the new sink is so deep that I hurt myself a bit and ended back in bed for a while. But once I was all healed I love the kitchen...and still do.

We still need to paint but we are paying off the update first.  So till we win the lottery that is all we really need to if we do win the lottery, after buying that retirement home in Canada, I would love to rip out the current tile in the house and put the wood look tile we have in the bedrooms....but that just sounds so messy and we would have to go somewhere to live cause I don't think I could live in the house while that was being done. The painting will be enough of a mess.

OK so I blabbed enough for the day.  I do want to thank all of you for the sweet comments on my post the other day.  You are making me feel so good and that I have made the right decision. I have not had that many comments on a post in forever, so that is a good sign eh?

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For Reals

Air guitar kinda

Jeff was checking out the old blog the other day, he does not read it everyday like he used to cause they have done stuff to the computers at his work so he can't access certain things...but he was on the computer at home. He always watches my videos and gives me his opinion. He said I need to get back to just chatting it up about everyday stuff like I used to. I said well people stop following when I post too much and that might happen again. But he said be here I am. I guess I need to post more of the everyday this n' that like my header says eh?

I will, I am going to go back to blogging for me...well and you faithful reader too. But initially it was almost like a diary to look back on things. If I lose some of you I do apologize. Yes, I'm still Canadian and all that SORRY stuff....ha! My Granny kept a diary and I think my sister Jacqui has them. She would write what she did each day and she had different color pens for certain things. I remember when she would come to visit she would have me write it for her sometimes so she had my writing. She hated her writing, she called it chicken scratch, I loved it and still do, and get a heart ache when I pull out a recipe in her hand writing, but I understand it now, I don't like my writing either...and don't get me started on my wrinkly old hands and crooked fingers...another thing Granny hated and I loved on her...but on me...not so much. Today marks the 7th year of her passing. I miss her and Poppa everyday of my life, and will till I see them again.

So here I am honest today...trying yet another thing to get rid of my under eye bags. I think I need to start wearing foundation and hide it. I have been lucky and have never been a big makeup wearer, eyeliner and mascara and once in a while eye shadow, but that might need to change...not like that secretary on Drew Carey's show, still subtle and looking au naturale'! Speaking of au naturale' I am not going to color my hair anymore...let's see how that goes, the last few years I have been adding blonde so the gray was not so noticeable coming if you see me and notice a big dark/gray (cause that is what it is like underneath), just smile and nod...wink if you want...I'll know what you are thinking.

Oh and I was trying to play air guitar with my leg...but I could not hold the phone with my mouth and did not want to break a tooth or eek! a hip to go along with my saggy old it's just some weird pose. But look at my fun leggings!!! I ain't even a hunter!!! Ha!

Soooo....faithful reader what do you want to see more...or less of?

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