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Coordination Products...Get Them All!!

Coordination 2020

Are you excited as me to see the new Coordinating dies and DSP coming? Eek! I may have them all already, yes a little Demonstrator perk to be able to order a month early. You should really think about joining my team for that perk alone, not to mention all the other great reasons:

~free mini cutter, and DSP sampler - during Sale-A-Bration while supplies last.

~a discount on every order - this was my original reason 21 years ago.

~being your own boss - I really love this part.

~making money for whatever is on your wish list - eat out more, a new name it!

~we have a private FaceBook team group where we share ideas and get to know each other - I do challenges now and then and these are fun.

~being the first to see and play with new stamps and accessories.

~earning a free trip...wanna go to the Caribbean in 2021?

~and many more!!!

While you think about that, check out the flyer to see the new Coordination Product Release coming February 4 - March 31. Now keep in mind these are while supplies last.

Download Coordination flyer 2020 customer

I can't decide what is my fave, what is the first one on YOUR wish list?

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

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Rock 'n Roll with Honey Bee

Honey Bee Rock n Roll Teach Me Tuesdays with Diana Gibbs

You know that day you saw something sticking out of a didn't want to touch it in case it was a scorpion, since you are deathly allergic to you just touch it with your shoe...then it falls off and you realize it is a termite tube? Yeah this was the day...I am freaking out. We have had termites before, it is just something that happens in Arizona, at least out here where we built our houses on farming land, but never thought it would be in the kitchen cabinet...guys are coming tomorrow to treat, but why do I feel so creepy and dirty?

Let's talk about fun critters...well unless you are allergic, how about fun stamped is my Teach Me Tuesdays Video for this week. Let me know what you want to see in the future.

What fun eh? I kept trying to hold the bees while I colored without looking like I was flipping the bee bird...ha!

To earn free stamps click on the pictures below to order:


So I gotta go empty the kitchen cupboard for the tech. Fingers crossed it is a simple fix. 

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Get your Free Mini Cutter, 6x6 DSP sampler & an extra stamp set of your choice Now!!


Seasonal Class in the Mail - February - Witty-Cisms Stamp Set

Witty-Cisms stamp set class in the mail

As soon as I saw this stamp set I knew I was going to be doing it as a Class in the Mail, it is so adorably cute!
For February's Seasonal Card Class in the mail, we will be using the set "Witty-Cisms". The images are so fun and I love that font too!!
These classes have been so popular over the last few years, here are the details if you are new. Each month you will do 10 identical cards, but each month will be a different card. Class fee is due no later than February 15 or while supplies last.
Please note: this is not a club, you can do one month or two or all, or skip one, it is totally up to you.

The Seasonal Card of the Month Class in the Mail is $35.00 (postage has been creeping up so I had to increase my monthly fee) per month and this will include one completed card for you to copy from and supplies for 10 matching cards (sometimes the DSP varies but the card is the same) and envelopes mailed to you by priority mail.  You will use your own inks and stamps at home (you can tweak the card with what you have at home if you don't want to use this set), nothing will be stamped on your supplies.
If you want the stamp set as well you can order it with your class fee for an extra $22.00, you save tax and shipping that way - or you can order it through my store #151686 cling* along with anything else you may want to order. Let me know if you need it or if you have it already when you sign up for class.
*Remember with cling and photopolymer stamps you will need to supply your own clear blocks, these are sold separately.
Let me know you want to order the Seasonal Card of the Month Class in the Mail and I will email you the paypal link.

Class packets will be mailed the week of February 24 and I can only ship within the US, thanks for understanding.
If you have any questions, please let me know, you can email me at or call me at 602-339-2776
Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

Fat Free

Fat free latte #lolasgnomes

How many of you are thinking boy I need to shed those Christmas snack goodies pounds? I know I am. I was so good and kept my weight off and then the last few months or so I have been so bad, like needing to wear leggings everyday bad. I am going to blame it on my hysterectomy and my estrogen patch...but I know I am eating like a dork. I have been drinking high brew cold coffees with sugar and creamer too...omg they are yummy....but I need to cut them back...lots. Back to fruits & veggies & meat.

So how about some fun and cute fat free Valentine's decor? Look how cute one of my little Lola's Gnomes is with my Rae Dunn Valentine mug and some strawberry whipped cream! Yum right? If you love my little gnomes, please go to FaceBook and look for Lola'sGnomes...or she is also on Instagram. So talented and sweet as can be to boot.

Fat free cupcakes

How about these scrumptious cupcakes and some more whipped coffee?

Fat free baby cupcake #lolasgnomes

I can't be the only one eating cupcakes, so I made an itty bitty one for my Valentine's gnome!!

Fat free cupcake

Here is another cute one a mix of the other two.

Fat free valentine display

Here is my house Valentine's display, so fun! I think I posted my studio hutch one already, right?

So the reason these are all fat free is, they are fake!! Yes they are and so fun to make. If you want to see how go to YouTube and search for ThePinkTree, she is a fun Canadian that makes so many cute fake foods for displays.

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I am gonna sign off for now, I have a little bit of a tummy ache today...ugh.





I saw an awesome card by Rochelle Blok and I just had to case it, this is my version. Thanks Rochelle!

To earn free stamps click on the pictures below to order: 

We go out to supper every Friday night...well we go out other nights too but always Friday, it is our "date night". Now that Eric lives in his little house most of our nights are date nights since we live alone now. But Eric from time to time will want to know what is for supper or if he can go with us Friday night.

So tonight was like any other Friday, we headed over to our favorite little restaurant in town. Afterwards we headed over to Verizon as both our phones need new screen protectors. As we got closer to the marketplace we saw a lot of police cars and at least one fire truck. It was in front of TJ Maxx, so we innocently joked that there must have been a fight over new Rae Dunn...if you are not sure what Rae Dunn is just google it...or check out my kitchen/bathroom/studio pics...ha! People literally fight over it in the stores. Anyway, so then we saw there was like yellow do not cross kinda tape and were like yikes. So Verizon could not help...why don't they carry screen protectors for phones they used to sell? they sent us to Target, and they don't have Amazon it is...anyway, as we were leaving Target a lady came in and said did you hear about the shooting, and we looked at each other...oh wow.  So we were like we are going home.  Then you could hear the helicopters flying around, which were from the tv stations.  So we still don't know much, a bit more was on the news, something about the person stealing from TJ Maxx, ramming his car into the police so they shot him, but what is weird is that there were police from Goodyear and Glendale and that is like 60 miles away so it will be interesting to know what is going on. That is the closest we have ever been to anything like that. I was glad we did not decide to go to the food trucks as that is right across the street and we would have heard the shots and I don't think I would have handled that very good.  I think it will be a while before I go into TJ Maxx to spend my coupon.

So I am headed to bed but wanted to post super quick.

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Have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping in.