Peek-A-Boo Card Part 2
Fat Free



I saw an awesome card by Rochelle Blok and I just had to case it, this is my version. Thanks Rochelle!

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We go out to supper every Friday night...well we go out other nights too but always Friday, it is our "date night". Now that Eric lives in his little house most of our nights are date nights since we live alone now. But Eric from time to time will want to know what is for supper or if he can go with us Friday night.

So tonight was like any other Friday, we headed over to our favorite little restaurant in town. Afterwards we headed over to Verizon as both our phones need new screen protectors. As we got closer to the marketplace we saw a lot of police cars and at least one fire truck. It was in front of TJ Maxx, so we innocently joked that there must have been a fight over new Rae Dunn...if you are not sure what Rae Dunn is just google it...or check out my kitchen/bathroom/studio pics...ha! People literally fight over it in the stores. Anyway, so then we saw there was like yellow do not cross kinda tape and were like yikes. So Verizon could not help...why don't they carry screen protectors for phones they used to sell? they sent us to Target, and they don't have Amazon it is...anyway, as we were leaving Target a lady came in and said did you hear about the shooting, and we looked at each other...oh wow.  So we were like we are going home.  Then you could hear the helicopters flying around, which were from the tv stations.  So we still don't know much, a bit more was on the news, something about the person stealing from TJ Maxx, ramming his car into the police so they shot him, but what is weird is that there were police from Goodyear and Glendale and that is like 60 miles away so it will be interesting to know what is going on. That is the closest we have ever been to anything like that. I was glad we did not decide to go to the food trucks as that is right across the street and we would have heard the shots and I don't think I would have handled that very good.  I think it will be a while before I go into TJ Maxx to spend my coupon.

So I am headed to bed but wanted to post super quick.

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