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Jeff was checking out the old blog the other day, he does not read it everyday like he used to cause they have done stuff to the computers at his work so he can't access certain things...but he was on the computer at home. He always watches my videos and gives me his opinion. He said I need to get back to just chatting it up about everyday stuff like I used to. I said well people stop following when I post too much and that might happen again. But he said be here I am. I guess I need to post more of the everyday this n' that like my header says eh?

I will, I am going to go back to blogging for me...well and you faithful reader too. But initially it was almost like a diary to look back on things. If I lose some of you I do apologize. Yes, I'm still Canadian and all that SORRY stuff....ha! My Granny kept a diary and I think my sister Jacqui has them. She would write what she did each day and she had different color pens for certain things. I remember when she would come to visit she would have me write it for her sometimes so she had my writing. She hated her writing, she called it chicken scratch, I loved it and still do, and get a heart ache when I pull out a recipe in her hand writing, but I understand it now, I don't like my writing either...and don't get me started on my wrinkly old hands and crooked fingers...another thing Granny hated and I loved on her...but on me...not so much. Today marks the 7th year of her passing. I miss her and Poppa everyday of my life, and will till I see them again.

So here I am honest today...trying yet another thing to get rid of my under eye bags. I think I need to start wearing foundation and hide it. I have been lucky and have never been a big makeup wearer, eyeliner and mascara and once in a while eye shadow, but that might need to change...not like that secretary on Drew Carey's show, still subtle and looking au naturale'! Speaking of au naturale' I am not going to color my hair anymore...let's see how that goes, the last few years I have been adding blonde so the gray was not so noticeable coming if you see me and notice a big dark/gray (cause that is what it is like underneath), just smile and nod...wink if you want...I'll know what you are thinking.

Oh and I was trying to play air guitar with my leg...but I could not hold the phone with my mouth and did not want to break a tooth or eek! a hip to go along with my saggy old it's just some weird pose. But look at my fun leggings!!! I ain't even a hunter!!! Ha!

Soooo....faithful reader what do you want to see more...or less of?

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Have an awesome Friday, and bring on the weekend eh? Thanks for stopping in.