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Spring social sneak peek

I have been working on table goodies for my upcoming Country INKers Spring Social. This is just a sneak peek of sumthin' sumthin'. What the heck is that?

So one TV show I would love to be on is? Can you guess? Nope not that one. Definitely not Survivor...ha! I always wonder, gee....glasses and hearing aids...I would never survive just getting off the boat where they have to swim to shore.

I want to be on My Lottery Dream Home. That would mean, we were rich (oh and we bought a lottery ticket...ha!) and could buy like a retirement home in Canada near my the summer. Plus I would get to meet David Bromstad who I have loved since watching Color Splash...where I learned about Home Goods...ha! I may have a leetle bit of a Rae Dunn problem, but it is getting better.

But till then (and I don't think I said anything, or put pictures on my blog...when I searched kitchen or laundry nothing came up..I think I just showed them on FaceBook)...we updated our kitchen last year.  It really needed it, since it was all original...everything. The appliances were getting old (except the dishwasher we had replaced a few years back) and the tile counter...ugh.

Before kitchen

So here it is before, I remember when we had the house built 23 years ago, we had just added on to our home in Mesa and had updated that kitchen and had put in tile counters, so I wanted them again. Well I guess it was popular way back then.

New appliances

We asked around and ended up getting Slate appliances and we love them, no finger prints! We sold our hardly used stainless steel dishwasher to our neighbor so all the appliances matched. We still love them. So we could not do the counters right away, as we had a hard time getting the original person that came and did measurements to get back to we went with another company and they were awesome. We even had to move a wall back to the left of the fridge and a cabinet down (had no idea all these years it was not the same height as the other) you would never know it was done. We decided not to paint the cabinets as we loved how the wood looked with the new appliances, and well we live in the desert and I think white would drive me nuts cleaning it all the time.

New appliances laundry

So then our 30 year old appliances in the laundry room were like, heck we can't compete with those new appliances, so the washer stopped working, I mean if I stood there and held the button it would keep working but well...I have a life. Jeff had replaced the belt many times in the dryer, but he was like nope...we are getting new ones. So we wanted to get them to close as possible to the kitchen. I must tell you, I love doing laundry now. I was scared to get front loading cause I had heard people complain, but Jeff wanted we did, and now I am glad...please God don't let me just have jinxed that. Knock on wood.

Updated kitchen

So we had to go to OnStage, and then right away I was scheduled to get a hysterectomy, so the guys came in as soon as we got back from Texas and installed the granite counters (we made the island bigger), new sink etc. and the backsplash. We also had bought enough granite to update both bathroom counters too. Boy was that the hardest time recuperating, cause I so wanted to keep it looking nice, and put stuff away but I could not do anything for a fact I remember having a set back as I was feeling a bit better and started doing the dishes and the new sink is so deep that I hurt myself a bit and ended back in bed for a while. But once I was all healed I love the kitchen...and still do.

We still need to paint but we are paying off the update first.  So till we win the lottery that is all we really need to if we do win the lottery, after buying that retirement home in Canada, I would love to rip out the current tile in the house and put the wood look tile we have in the bedrooms....but that just sounds so messy and we would have to go somewhere to live cause I don't think I could live in the house while that was being done. The painting will be enough of a mess.

OK so I blabbed enough for the day.  I do want to thank all of you for the sweet comments on my post the other day.  You are making me feel so good and that I have made the right decision. I have not had that many comments on a post in forever, so that is a good sign eh?

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