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Guess Who is 31 today?

Eric baby

I always have to post a baby pic, and this is one of my faves. He could not wear this little outfit too long, he got to be a rolly polly baby. Do they even do these kinda photos anymore?

My niece Jade is a photographer and while we were home in August she took Eric somewhere to have some fun pics taken, here is one of them I have framed in the hallway. These two sure get along well, I really wish we lived closer.

Eric & Jade pic

I always say that Jade is my pretend daughter. 

Eric & Jade

Here is one they sent us when they were out horsin' around.  What fun it is to hang out with your cousin.

Happy 31 Birthday Eric, what a fine young man you have grown up to be.  Funny at times and seriously don't get in your way other times...we love you kid.  Here's to 31 more.

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