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Everything Festive

Everything Festive

Working on Thank you cards.  You know when I send monthly thank you cards for orders they do not always say thank you.  I mean I do put a post it note inside that says Thank you, but that can be removed so the card can be used by the receiver. I figured this month I will send a card that can be used for Christmas...but does not say Christmas...just in case.

I love this Everything Festive stamp set, it is has some great greetings and the fonts are awesome. Remember when we first got computers and we could pick fonts...oh my gosh I remember taking forever to send a letter cause I could not figure out what font I wanted.  Now we have so many more, and I still love fonts.

What is your favorite font? I still like comic sans even though I heard there are groups out there for the comic sans haters. I do think it is funny though when I see a companies sign and I am like oh that is blah!blah! whatever the name is font.

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