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Trio of Free as a Bird

Free as a bird  www.stampingwithdi.com

I had so much fun making the OnStage cards I made up a bunch using the new Bird Ballad DSP.  I will be getting these in the mail as thank you cards when I get back from Greece.

Free as a bird www.stampingwithdi.com

Isn't this paper gorgeous and heck if you did not want to color you could just cut the birds out of the DSP and use them!!

Free as a bird www.stampingwithdi.com

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So as I type up this post I am hoping that all goes well on the trip, I still am not all the way healed, and personally I think this is taking too long. I still get pains and I think most of it is nerves healing, but sometimes I get other pains and I wonder if my innards are twisted. I know that sounds weird but when I did that 24 hour thing where it was down my nose, the nurse said my stomach was high or low in placement so my anatomy was not normal, so then that makes me wonder, if something has shifted where a normal person would not get that.

Ok so that worrying talk is between you and me ok? I am just gonna go and have fun and try not to worry, cause it is too late to do anything now.

So we ended up going to the ER before our trip and they did a CT, all is good but I have adhesions/scar tissue which is causing the pains, they gave me an RX to help with the spasms and pains...so it was not all in my head.

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