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Travel documents Greece Diana Gibbs www.stampingwithdi.com

Last week Jeff and I got some exciting mail! Our travel documents for Greece. I waited a while before I posted them, it is exciting to get them every year and it gets to be a bit of a let down when I see them posted on social media before I get mine, so I stayed off FaceBook etc. till we got ours.

Travel documents Greece book Diana Gibbs www.stampingwithdi.com

I must say out of all the years of earning trips, 2004 was the first year, this is my favorite package. It is the cutest book.

Travel documents Greece stuff Diana Gibbs www.stampingwithdi.com

Here is some of the stuff inside the beautiful booklet. We can't wait, now to pray that my healing speeds up.

I must google and see if there is other things that go along with it.

Jeff and I finally got through the series Deadwood and then the movie, I must say there was lots of killings and ruthlessness and swearing, I surely could never have survived back then. It was neat seeing actors that have been on other shows I have watched Sons of Anarchy, Fear the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, to name a few. Did you watch any of these? I love Gerald McRaney but I swear the last few shows he has been on he always plays a bad guy.

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