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Kitchen finished Diana Gibbs

...we are done...for now!  The other day I posted about updating our kitchen. We have lived here 22 years I think and it was all original. So the last couple months we have been doing bits and pieces, new appliances, and picking the stuff we wanted used.  Then we waited while our schedule and the contractors schedule freed up and this week was it.

Kitchen finished Diana Gibbs

We had ordered enough granite to also update the bathroom counters and sinks too.

Our bathroom finished Diana Gibbs

Our bathroom.

Guest bathroom finished Diana Gibbs

Guest bathroom.

Blanco sink Diana Gibbs

The new!  As you can see I have a bit of a problem with Rae Dunn....ha! It is like a person is trying to learn english in our house.

So I was helping the tile guy some today, poor guy had to come back and finish and we have learned a few things about our house while all this was going on...amazing what is behind walls right?  But I feel like we are in a new house now.  We still have to paint but that will have to wait a while. A lot of people have asked if we were going to paint the cabinets.  I had really seriously thought about painting them white at the beginning, I mean almost every episode of a remodeled kitchen on tv they are white.  But once we updated the appliances, I did not mind them, and I think they make the house more homey feeling. I am also anal and I know I would be going nuts dusting them and getting finger prints off...and well we live in the desert and dust is everywhere out natural wood it is. We did update the cabinet hardware and changed to soft closing hidden hinges so that changed their look.

If you live in Arizona and want a great company to work with please holler at Eric (not my Eric...ha!) or Lance at ITSA Contracting LLC. They have the sweetest people that work hard for them and that means a lot this day and age. 

Well this old gal is hitting the hay early, we are going to an early movie then I have errands as I won't be able to drive for a few weeks, and an early night tomorrow so I can get up bright and early to head for the hospital. I am getting a bit nervous so glad I have had the kitchen stuff going on the last couple days. Thank you all for the emails and messages, it means a lot.  I probably won't be blogging for a while. But if you need anything you can shop in my store at any time.

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