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Marlene Salvato Fable Friends card

When I had my Spring Social, MAMMa (My Arizona Mum Marlene) brought me a little present, and this amazing card! OMG! I love it. It has been sitting on my desk ever since and I thought...hey I don't think I posted it. Too much else going on, which is a great idea for the title. I mean that is a joke right when you will be in the middle of something and then you see something else and you can't stop thinking about that...or is that OCD.

Like today we had a meeting and I could see that there was something on the new counter that needed to be wiped and I thought would it be rude if I got up and did that? So I sat and just watched it from the corner of my eye and as soon as the meeting was over...Bam! I wiped it away...ha!

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