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When It Rains...

...well it is raining actually...ha!

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So I talked about updating our kitchen...keeping cabinets, but new counters, backsplash and sinks. We also got new appliances cause they were about 22 years old. We got enough granite so we could do the bathrooms too...I mean it has to all be matchy matchy. Everything was original to when we built the house and it was just time. Jeff teased cause he said our kitchen appliances were fine, it was the washer and dryer that needed replaced, they were probably 25 or more years old cause we had got them when we lived in Mesa and had seen better days.

Kitchen before 2

We ended up getting the slate finish cause it does not show finger prints...and hello nice to meetcha I am anal.

So we have all the sinks, faucets and stuff purchased just waiting in the front room to get on the schedule, and then OnStage in Texas set us back a bit. With my upcoming surgery I am antsy to get it done. I told Jeff if I die, his new wife will love her new appliances, and updated kitchen and baths. He did not think that was funny.

So anyway, last week, the dryer would not start, and I was like oh crap...we have not paid off the kitchen appliances yet. Jeff had replaced the coil several times over the years but this was just not starting, like it would work as long as I held the button...who's got time for that...ha! So Jeff lucked out and he got the type of washer and dryer he wanted. Front loading, cause I had my head set on no to that kind. But OMG! I love them, but probably anything I would love that was new...ha! We went with the slate color so it would go with the kitchen...you know new wife might be as anal as me...ok stop that Di. It wasn't funny the first time. But I do love that color eh?

So see all the crap above the washer and dryer in the top picture? I mean I did have it all in cute wire baskets but still. Well we got the pedestals with drawers under and now I don't have all that stuff up there cause it is in the drawers...so I could decorate...I mean seriously I could not reach what is on the shelf now anyway. So I shopped my house, I basically had all this stuff and just moved it to the laundry.

Laundry decor

So cute right?

So I will be back to share more pictures another day as we go along...ok? I know it is not stamping but I have not been able to stamp much lately with all this going on, plus every table is covered with retiring stuff in my studio.  I do want to get some cardstock guts cut so I can play a little as I recover.

Are ya bored yet? I hope not.

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