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When I pick Jeff's dirty clothes up by the bed where he dropped them the night before and put in the hamper I usually feel a second of "why the heck can't he just do that himself?" I've even sent him a picture when the clothes are beside the hamper...with a note "almost made it ha!" Then immediately I say "Thank you God and please don't let there ever be a time I don't have his dirty clothes to pick up".

Do you ever get like that...get ticked at a little thing and realize it is not that big a deal? When I got my new car last year it had sirius radio, Jeff has it in his truck so it was nice to have it in my vehicle too. I have started to turn on the Joel Osteen channel when I get in the car, gets me in a better frame of mind for those crazy busy, need to get somewhere quick snowbirds slow drivers out there. I always learn something every time I listen, it does not matter what religion you are, I do enjoy listening to him.

Here is another beautiful card from my Country INKers Spring Social, inspired by Emma Goddard, thanks Emma!

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