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Spring Social 2019 All That You Are

So do you watch This is Us? Did you watch the season finale? Gosh season finales come quick don't they? I mean The Walking Dead already had theirs and oh I am still trying to recover from the heads on the spikes...I read the comics so I knew it was coming but they switched out most of the heads, and I was not expecting Tara or Enid...I can cry right now thinking about it. Jeff is always is just a show...but yeah you still love the characters right? In the comics there is no Henry and Carl is still alive, so they had Henry doing things Carl did in the comic...and there is no Daryl and Rick is still in the comics, so Daryl did things Rick did. I'm looking forward to Outlander to come back on and what? we need to wait a year right? Grr.....

Ok back to this amazing card. This was inspired by a card I saw by Emma Goddard, thanks Emma!

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