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So the other day as I was going between Home Goods and TJ Maxx (they are across the street from each other - so inconvenient)...I may or may not have been Rae Dunn shopping hunt...ok that is a whole other post.

There was an older couple walking from the pancake place across 4 lanes of cars trying to get into the parking lot of the shopping center...just walking leisurely...slow...turtle pace like.

I looked at the lady in her cute flowered dress and her black perfectly coiffed hair and then she turned to the side and saw that she had white sides and bangs. Hmmm...I am thinking that was a wig. I thought to myself as I patiently waited for them to cross so I could continue on to the parking lot, if I am going to wear a wig I would totally cover my hair.

Then I thought why didn't her escort/hubby/boyfriend say "Martha dear let me help you" and pull it down a notch?

Then I thought maybe he loves her as she is, no matter how she wears her wig.

Then I thought...I had lots of time to think...as they were walking slow and I had to wait for them to cross now 6 lanes as I was turning left so they continued to be in my path of where I needed to go. Maybe they are like that little couple on Dirty Dancing that were so innocent looking but yet were robbing people and poor hubba! hubba! Patrick Swayze (RIP) got blamed. So this was just a costume and after they robbed the dollar store they would rip off their fake clothes and black with white banged wig into the trash can and be off scott free.

Then I thought...(story time ends quickly in my brain)...never mind.....they are out of my way................I had some shopping to do.

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