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Stamp spinner Diana Gibbs

I bought this office stamp spinner dealie bob off a friend years ago and it had these other hanging blocks on it with sponges, so it sat there looking cute...but I never used them. 

So then today I was like trying to remove the sponge cause I thought I would just attach one of my stamps to it...and I thought what if I took off the handle? So I tried and it came then I asked Jeff if he could drill a hole in some of my fave stamps and add the handle, and he said sure.  Some of the handles he had to remove as they were glued pretty good and I couldn't budge them.

But after a couple hours after drilling and glueing...voila'!

So cool right? Gotta love that hubby of mine.  You can see him peeking through the spinner...not the zombie...the other guy! Ha!

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