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Stampin' Up! - Rae Dunn Style

Rae Dunn Stampin' Up!

Have you ever heard of Rae Dunn, it is the most fun pottery with words on it, sometimes cute pictures...I might have a bit of a problem collecting it...yes I know along with my stamps, shoes and purses...ha! But really I won't name names but I don't have as much as some people...p.s. now I owe you a quarter Earleen! Ha!

So I have found inspire and create a few times, and have them here and there in my studio, but I never could find a "share" well today I did..perfect!

Naughty or Nice Rae Dunn

I also found these cute bowls...they are actually meant for dog bowls...but they make cute candy dishes...I mean it ain't like dog food ever was in it.  So I wonder which bowl will empty quicker? The hugs or the kisses?  It's the cold and flu season so I hope it's the hugs. Ha!

I have my team Christmas party tomorrow so I will share more later...I gotta get my swap card done!

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