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Christmas Crack

Christmas crack

So when I went to my friend Earleen's house to craft and do the ornament exchange, she had some amazing food and one of them was what she called Christmas Crack...and believe me this would make Walter White jealous.

Chesters puff corn

All it is is 2 bags of this puffcorn ( I don't want to read the ingredients)...

Ghiradelli white chocolate

...and a bag of Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chips.

Melt the chips like the package says. I used the microwave.  I ain't got no time to use a double boiler man!! Then put the puffcorn in a really big bowl...like bigger than your head size.  Have Jeff someone pour the melted chocolate over the puffed corn while you mix it (with food grade gloves on...not those medical ones) really well so all gets coated. Then spread it onto a parchment paper sheet and let it dry for an hour.  I laid it out single layer, and every so often I would go and flip it a bit with a spatula so no pieces stick together.

Once it is cool, put on the feed bag and go at it!!! This will keep for 3 to 4 days in an airtight container....it won't last that long.

Tonight we made up the last batch for this year. This puffcorn makes an awesome caramel corn too. Will make that tomorrow. My team Christmas party is Saturday so there will be 15 other women here to help me eat it all.

P.S. It is called Christmas Crack cause it truly is addictive, you should have seen me driving all over town from store to store trying to find the puffedcorn...seems everyone is using it this time of year.

P.S.S. I hope I did not offend anyone with the use of the word crack...but seriously my butt crack is bigger since I have been eating so much. 

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