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Happy 34th Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary 2018

Wow, time flies eh? Hard to believe that we have been married for 34 years. We have been together for 35 years. How can that be? Look how young we are...ha!

Jeff and Diana - newlyweds

Speaking of young, wow look at this picture.  This was in 1985 a few months after we were married, in our first apartment.  Look at those tans! Jeff from Illinois and me from Canada, we were loving that AZ sun in the winter!

My work laptop is again in the shop so I am working on the house one that does not have all my files and pics. But when I typed in Jeff and Diana that one came up...ha!

Typepad is still messed up so please be patient. In fact poor Jeff can not even look at my blog at work anymore...so he will have to wait till he gets home to see these cute pictures.  I love you so much honey, here's to 34 more years. 

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