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October 2018

So Santa Christmas Easel Card

So Santa closed card Diana Gibbs

I got the cutest card from my friend Cindy Baughman in our Advisory Board Alumni swap and I just had to do it for my October Christmas Card of the Month Class in the Mail. This is my take on Cindy's card. Thanks Cindy!

So Santa open easel card

It opens up and then it stands up like an easel. Cute eh?

Tip: do a 4"x 5 1/2" sized piece of cardstock in your embossing folder and then cut them to size. It is less work that way.

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Some of the links are not working on my well as many others.  Typepad and Stampin' Up! are both aware of it, so I apologize.

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Chicken Wire Elements are Back!

Fall Social Hello can

Typepad was messing up so I could not get this posted. Seems it only does it when I need to post something quick. right?

Have you been waiting on the cute Chicken Wire Elements? Well they are back in stock.

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Happy 30th Birthday Eric!!

It is hard to believe but Eric turns 30 today!

Eric birthday party

We have been planning a surprise birthday party for over a month now, and Mike his hab friend took him out in the morning and then we got it all ready and he was totally surprised!

Jacqui and Jade

What else was a surprise was that on Wednesday I came home from shopping and my little sister Jacqui and my niece Jade drove in the laneway. We had no clue they were coming for Eric's party!!! Best surprise ever!! I screamed so loud the neighbors heard!

Jeff & Eric

I love this picture of Jeff and Eric. Eric's face was priceless when he walked in and everyone yelled Happy Birthday!

Eric opening presents

He got some funny t-shirts from his Uncle Tim and cousin Charlie. 

Waiting for the birthday boy

He asked us how long we were waiting for him to come home.

Watching for Eric

I told him that Mike was texting us to let us know how far away they were. I waited by the door to give the "he's here!" notice to everyone!

Pictures at party

We put up old pics for everyone to check out.

birthday cupcakes

Cute cupcakes instead of cake, cause the beard picks were too cute. I mean cause the beard should have it's own instagram account.

Eric and goat

The goats were even comparing their beards with Eric's! "Hey dude, cool beard!"

Eric and the birds

Today Jacqui and Jade took us to Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Ranch and it was so fun feeding the animals...

me and the birds

...ok the birds were my least favorite and poor Jade was trying to feed the birds AND take pictures.

Jade and the birds

Jacqui got the sweetest ones on her, mine came right out of the movie the birds and were screaming so loud in my hearing aid mike I had to leave the cage.

Jacqui and the birds

If you are ever in Arizona you really should check it out.

All of us at Rooster Cogburns Ostrich Ranch

A guy took our picture, unfortunately he only took one pic and Eric's eyes were closed. The memories are all in my head though.

Jade feeding goats with mouth

You can feed them with your mouth or...

feeding donkeys

...your hands!

feeding stingrays

We even fed stingrays...that was kinda freaky.

Silly cousins

This is a cute pic of the cousins....not sure where they learned to stick their tongues out like that...


...oh maybe from Toby.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in and...

Smiley the donkey!


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