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Postcard Pals Seagull Diana Gibbs

So today on FaceBook ads for pee underwear kept coming up...what the heck does FaceBook know that I don't know?

So the computer shop called and my laptop is still being worked on it's temp keeps spiking, which is probably why the fan keeps being needing replaced and my battery had started to expand.........grrrrr....I think it is seriously a dud. I have the identical one I bought months later that is the house one and so I am using it in the studio...and it has not had these problems....ouch!  I just knocked on wood (my head) so I did not just jinx myself. Thank goodness I have two laptops as it will be 2 weeks without it soon.

I saw this cute card on the sample board on the Alaska cruise and I just had to do it. Adorable!

Postcard Pals Seagull Bermuda Diana Gibbs

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So hard to believe that August is almost over, the year is flying by, but us Arizona folk still have one more month of heat. It is so weird this time of year as people talk about closing their pools and getting ready for fall...and I think Fall? But our winters are mighty fine!!!

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