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Spooky Pumpkins all in a Row

Spooky Paper Pumpkin Diana Gibbs

I don't decorate the house a lot for the seasons, I mean I will put a bunny out at Easter, maybe add some spring flowers or so, but I do like to put out some fun Halloween stuff, and definitely Christmas. I do usually have a fun kitchen towel hanging on the stove...I know be very scared Martha Stewart.

So I can't wait to see September's Paper Pumpkin. I will be ordering extra kits!!

Halloween is always a fond memory growing up, we would get all dressed up, and in Canada, there was no walking to houses as we lived in the country and houses were quite a ways apart, so we went in the car, but it was always fun cause back then people would try to guess who you were, now a days it is just give me the candy and go. I also remember many a Halloween having to put out winter coat over our costume, now how scary is that?

I remember when we lived in Mesa, and it was right after Eric was born, (almost 30 years ago can you believe it?) Jeff's Mum came to help us out with a newborn as we had no idea what we were doing.  So when the trick or treaters came Mum handed them a big handful of chocolates, and I was like "oh no, they get one" and she learned why pretty quick as we ran out of candy so fast, she got in her purse and was handing out sticks of gum and I was like let's turn out the light. We had gone through about 5 bags of candy lickety split.  She could not get over it.  Since we have lived in Queen Creek/San Tan Valley, we just get a couple of the neighbors kids. So handfuls of candies it is...ha! This year Eric even had candy at his little house...ha!

OK back to the Paper Pumpkin. October is on its way, and that means you will be searching in every spooky nook and cranny for a bit of papercrafting fun. Paper Pumpkin has just what you need—a frightfully delightful kit in a scary-cute, special edition box. So if you have friends and neighbors who love Halloween, now's the time to order extra kits and get together and make them. You’ll get the handmade Halloween look without the fuss.


~New subscribers must subscribe by September 10 to receive the Halloween kit.

~Canceled subscribers must enter active status by September 10 to receive the Halloween kit.

~Current subscribers must remain active through September 10 to receive the Halloween kit.

~Remember product availability may be limited toward the end of the subscription period.

Here is my personalized link to subscribe or if you need to log in to update your credit card or increase your kit quantity:

Paper pumpkin spooky subscribe Diana Gibbs

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