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I got my first order from the holiday catalog...I say first cause I still want need more! Here it is all laid out and beautiful to look at, I can't wait to start playing. I made sure to order all the supplies I will need for my Fall Social so I can get those projects figured out. Want to get these goodies now and not have to wait until September 5? Join my team today and order Holiday catalog items in your starter kit!!! We have Demonstrators all over the US!

Let's switch channels:

Spoiler alert if you have not watched the finale of Food Network Star.

I can not believe what happened first of all, I mean looking back and the whole bringing back of people that had been kicked I will admit I have not seen this show in years and maybe this happens all the time. I boycotted Food Network for years...didn't you see their ratings drop? Ha! Now I have it on while I work cause I don't really have to pay attention. Plus now I pretend when I am cooking I am doing a show...the other night making supper I was explaining to my audience (Jeff) everything I was doing...talking to the cameramen and everything. Jeff was just rolling his eyes. Hey he married me!

Anyway so looks like the Network wanted Jenn Jess Tom (I could not remember her name...sorry) from the get go...maybe that is why they brought her back.  When they had the final three and got rid of Manny Washington first I was like what are they doing, are they nuts? I was expecting Jess to go.  I did not like her pilot and the guy's were so good. I mean come on I could not understand most of her describing of the food, with her long words.  I don't want to watch a cooking show with a dictionary...heck I don't even want to use one for Jeopardy.

I felt so bad for Manny, I could totally relate to him, he was a regular guy ya know? Maybe all his firemen wrote in and said "don't take our Manny", but he was a keeper. I am hoping some other station will snag him up, if he still wants to do a cooking show.

Chris Valdes, I have always liked from other cooking shows, and when he said at the end "Who ordered the Italian Gyro" and then he was like (after he puts the sandwich down) "Here I am!" I was laughing. I can't wait to watch his show. I will not watch Jess show...sorry, not sorry Food Network, you made the wrong decision. My two cents.

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