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I wanted to pop in and let you know what we know so far about Jeff.

We went to the cardiologist yesterday and they did another EKG. His heart is still not beating right and the doctor gave him two options, be admitted to the hospital and get put on IV meds to get his heart rate back to normal, or try taking some meds, and go back Friday am and if it is not better then they will definitely admit him. So this is scaring both of us, I mean you go in for one thing and come out with something worse.

We have been blessed with so many messages and prayers that perhaps Jeff getting a reaction to his antibotic was a Godsend that sent us to the doc to find out about his heart, but still we have many many many more years together and I want that to be true.  I can not lose him, I would never survive that, and we always tease each other (I know death is not to be teased but we still say it) I have to go first that is the way it has to we must get this figured out.

We did find out that his Dad, Grandpa and his Aunt have this and we did not know this and did not know to tell the Doc so we will on Friday. So today he had more blood work done, and he says that he actually feels better than he has in a while and I hope that is the meds. Even though he never knew he was not feeling well other than his ear infection and the drug reaction.  We don't know how long this has been going on.

I can't thank you all enough and my sweet friends that have had this happen in their lives with their excellent advice and my amazing friend Doc Sharon, who helped a lot and made me laugh. To adorable Chef Lisa who brought over supper - oh our taste buds were remembering the Daily Bread Bistro days, I love you all.

So I will post more when I do know more. Thanks for letting me use my blog as a place to not really vent, but share.

We were laughing a bit in the blood place as they have automated it, no more handing in your paperwork at the desk you have to check in on a touch screen tablet and really the older generation (yes us...cause this was new to us to do) had issues as we were instructed by a snooty lady to sign in when we attempted to go past her to hand our paperwork in at the desk.  You had the ones that could not figure it out, the ones that would use their finger instead of the stylus, the younger ones that used the stylus from the get go and the ones that held the stylus but used their finger...oh people watching is fun eh?

So I must do a bit of business just in case Jeff ends up being in the hospital and off work for a while, I need to keep up with my Stampin' Up! business, so that being said...

I can not believe it is that time of year again, the new catalog is around the corner. As a Demonstrator one of the perks is seeing it early, and getting to order early as well. 


I would love to have you join my team and you too can do like I did and get your hands on yummy goodness early.


Did you know that you can pick brand new stuff in your starter kit?  Yep you can pick pre-order it!!!  For $99.00 and tax (Stampin' Up! pays the shipping...more savings for you), you can pick $125.00 worth of goodies.


Ok but you say "I don't really want to be a Demonstrator right now, I prefer to just order from you and get that amazing customer service you always give, I just want the catalog."


No worries...if you are one of my Stamp Club members (Club is starting in May, sign up today!), one of my Paper Pumpkin Pals or one of my regular customers and you have ordered at least $60.00 since January 2018 (there is still time!) I will send you a catalog free. Please make sure to log into your account and correct your mailing address if necessary. If you have checked the no contact box in the past this is the perfect time to uncheck that so that I can send you a catalog if you earned one...otherwise I don't know who you are.


If you are not a regular customer and you do not have a Demonstrator but you would like one, please let me know by April 28 (any later and the postage will go up to $6.70).  The cost of mailing the catalog is $5.00, the catalog is free and my gift to you, I just need to recoop the postage.  I will send you a paypal link for the $5.00, and I will also send you a coupon for $5.00 off your first order of $50.00 or more so you will get your postage money back. Cool eh?


(Please note I can only mail catalogs within the US, thanks for understanding.)


Catalogs will be mailed around the middle of May.  You can begin ordering from it on June 1.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 602-339-2776.