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Super Heart

He does have a super heart, he loves the best...but we still need to figure out what is going on.

So yesterday started out trying to get into the ENT and luckily we could, we also had to do a followup doc visit later from Jeff's urgent care visit with his 102 temp .

The ENT sucked wax out of Jeff's right ear and checked his left and yes he has fluid build up, so they gave him different meds to start taking and he will go back to the ENT next week.

So then we went to lunch as we had a couple hours to waste between appointments and we did not want to drive all the way home. We got to the followup docs early and waited, they got us in and she did some checking of Jeff, then she checked his heart and was like wow.

Jeff's heart was beating really fast and erratically, something about 120 or something, she said that it was high the night before when she was reading the notes and usually it is like regular when she looked back to check ups etc. So she wanted an EKG, and blood work. So we did all that. 

She wrote him an rx for aspirin and a high blood pressure pill. That had me worried cause she said his heart had slowed down when she checked him before we left but it was still beating all out of whack. Then I am thinking in my head, what happens if he takes this high blood pressure meds and his heart has slowed down regular, but I need to trust that God has us in his hands...yikes, and that we can read. We went to get the meds on the way home, and they said they were out of the aspirin but we could get that over the counter, so the pharmacist gave us a bottle and said it was the same. We get home Jeff opens it up to take one and I read the bottle and it say pain and fever reducer with no aspirin, and I am like this is not even the right stuff, so I called the pharmacy and they were like oh my gosh we are so sorry bring it back.  So back I go and get the right stuff, they apologized over and over. I mean my gosh is that not their job to give the right stuff, the girl said when I went back they are trying to clear the store of stuff so that might be why they gave me that...ok whatever.

So anyway back to the doc office story...when she came in to check him again after the EKG, Jeff had told me he had a super heart and she just had never heard that before. I could tell he was scared and trying to be funny, this is nothing we have heard before, heck the doc the night before never said anything about a fast heart rate, just if Jeff had chest pains.  So the doc could not understand how Jeff was feeling fine and joking around...other than he can't hear out of his left ear. So she scheduled him to see a Cardiologist so that is where we are off to today.

So say a prayer for Jeff will you.  

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Poor Jeff

Sorry my double eggs are still showing on top. Laptop is in shop plus poor Jeff is being in constant pain and fever with ear infection. He got meds and had a reaction so we were in urgent care. We are sitting in ENT office now so pray they get it taken care of.  Hugs, Di

P.s. I can't unfeature the double eggs from the phone.

Never Have I Never...

Bearded lady

...ever used my aqua painter to attach a beard.

I have been listening to the soundtrack for the Greatest Showman for a week or so, and was so thinking it was still at the theater, was even making plans with a friend to go see it.  Then we realized it was not at the theater anymore...I wondered how people were already buying it...doh! 

So I quickly went and bought it, it is selling out the Walmart guy said. I had to buy one that also included some sort of 4HD. Eventually the stars are going to be a hologram in front of you like in Star Wars.

So I watched it last night and it is amazing!  I wish I had of seen it on the big screen, I wish that the Christmas Story musical was not so horrible so that I had of watched the little sneak peek they had of this movie in it and I would have surely gone.

I can't wait to watch it again...till then it is "Alexa, play the soundtrack for The Greatest Showman" one of these times, she is going to say "again?"

After it was over I watched other things on the tape and even some YouTube stuff. I thought this was fun, when I saw the aqua painter being used to attach the bearded ladies beard. 

That made me think...what have you done with a Stampin' Up! product that was not really made for that?

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My Favorite Occasions Catalog - Retiring

Picture perfect 6x6 dsp

This DSP is amazing, the pictures were taken by one of the talented photographers at Stampin' Up! and made into DSP.  I sure wish it was hanging around, but it's not so make sure to get a pack or two.

Charming cafe

This stamp set is so adorable, the images are such fun to color. Another one I will miss.

Friendships sweetest thoughts

Look at this flower cart of cuteness? So fun!

Magical day

OMG! When I saw this one on the retired list I was like "what?" Yep get this one before it is gone, remember retiring stamps and accessories are available while supplies last.

  We must celebrate

These cute little critters are another set that is so fun to color.  

Flying home www/

Another set to color, does that surprise you? You know me and coloring. Such a cute set, will miss this one too.

Sweet little something

Sweet Little Something is right. Look at how this stamps up like a photograph. Don't miss this little gem.

Bird banter

What the flock? I know bad Di...but really these birds are so adorable. Who makes these decisions anyway? Ha!

Truly tailored

Don't miss this perfect set for those men in your life.

To earn free stamps click on the pictures below to order:

Monthly Reminders

April 2018 Host Code

Double Country Dozen Reward Points Ending Soon

April's Country INKcentive - Free Metal Rimmed Pearls

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A Little Confused?

New Colors 2018

There has been a little confusion since I sent out the retired list with all the ink pads on there. Let me calm your fears.

This is from the home office at Stampin' Up!:

"The spice of life is variety, and that’s especially true in the world of color. Stampin’ Up! makes a point to keep an eye on color trends across different markets and industries. When we see changes happening, we review our color spectrum to ensure that we remain consistently on top of the trends. This brings us to the 2018 Color Revamp!

In order to keep bringing you the most current and on trend colors, we decided it was time to give our color collections a makeover.

There are still four color collections, each with ten colors. There is also a new color group called Basics.

In order to keep our color collections to exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors, we moved Basic Black, Very Vanilla, and Whisper White out of the Neutrals collection. We’ve also moved a few colors into the Neutrals collection, making it more exciting and colorful!

Some additional colors have changed collections as well—you’ll notice this as you look through the new collections above. You can refer to the old and new color charts in the 2018-2019 catalog. These changes were based on needing to maintain color balance in our updated collections. For example, Poppy Parade is now the brightest red so it is part of the Brights collection.

There are no changes to the In Color program. Every two years we will continue to introduce five new In Colors that will be available for the ensuing two years.

New in colors

We also have previous In Colors that are returning and joining our core colors:

  • Mossy Meadow
  • Poppy Parade
  • Flirty Flamingo
  • Coastal Cabana
  • Mint Macaron
  • Blackberry Bliss

In addition to new colors, we also redesigned our ink pads. The case is a new, more intuitive design and we’ve improved the formula of the ink, as well!"

So does that help?  I hope so.  Look at the color charts above and you will see that there are still a lot of colors staying and you may even pull some out of your old stash of In Colors as well.  In regards to the ink pads being redesigned, the molds that make the ink pads were on their last legs (if molds had legs) so Stampin' Up! decided to redesign the pad better, these open easier (like a compact), they are a little skinnier and stack as well. But don't think you need to get rid of your old ones because they are fine. Just know you will get the new style pads when you order from here on out.  Also there has been a de-foamer added to the ink refill to prevent bubbles and make the ink stamp better. So personally I would not use an old re-inker in a new pad.

If you have any questions at all, please let me you have been. My birthday morning was full of questions...ha! 

Oh and if you follow me on FaceBook you would have seen this cute little surprise Jeff brought me.

While I was eating my breakfast, Jeff came in with his hands behind his back and said "guess what I got you for your birthday?" I thought it was going to be a rose he cut for me but I really wanted a horny toad so I said "a horny toad" and it was...ha!!

Horny toad for birthday

Isn't he so cute, hugging my fingers. He does not look impressed that I am 29...again!

Horny toad for birthday bowl

I set him in a bowl while I got my camera.

Horny toad for birthday letting go

After I held him for a while and thanked him for a nice birthday surprise, I let him go.

Thanks for all my birthday wishes, you were all blowing up my phone. Jeff took me to a movie and lunch and I had to turn my hearing aid dealie off as it kept flashing...ha!

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