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Did I Jinx It?

So on April 11 I posted this pic on FaceBook...


...I asked if this made me old or organized? It just holds two vitamins and a gerd pill, but beats opening up bottles every day. Plus when we went to Vegas it was easier to just take this.

Well the next day Jeff got sick and had to go to the doc, by Sunday he had a fever of 102 and aches, pains and chills and off we went to urgent care.

That started a whole a-fib heart problems stuff going on, that we had no idea anything was wrong with his heart, or how long this may have been going on. Is it true we are born with only so many heart beats in our heart, how many days did we lose? Am I just a worry wart? 

So today he saw the cardiologist again and his heart is still not right. So they have increased some meds, and added more. Now he has this...

  Jeff he went from taking no pills (except the one he had a reaction to) before that to needing this. So glad many of you commented on my FaceBook pic or I would not have known they have am and pm ones.

So next week they have scheduled Jeff for a cardioversion and this scares the crap out of me.  I am sure it is scaring him too, but he is a tough and macho man (I mean we tease cause it was in the newspaper that his fave band in school was The Village People), he is just excited he can go back to work. He wanted to go in on Saturday and I told him he should probably take these new pills they added for a couple days to see how he feels.

So my sweet readers, if anyone has had one of these please let me know. I mean I can not even imagine a machine shocking my husband at all. I think I need to stop watching Greys Anatomy.  

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