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When the Olympics comes on it always makes me miss Canada. Now before anyone gets mad that I said that...because I am so blessed and lucky to live in the USA (Jeff is from Illinois, we met in Canada when he was headed to Alaska) I love how Canada always comes again don't get mad as all the countries do it too during the Olympics.

But I think that Canada does it all the time not just during the Olympics.  I mean look at the store Roots, I see more Canadians wearing clothes that say Canada all the time, and not just a sports team on your shirt like in the states, it is just saying Canada or Canadian. I think that is why I am still Canadian, I have lived in the US longer than I ever did in Canada, but I am still Canadian, I am a legal alien -Nanu-nanu, I always say.  The Canadian blood runs thick in my veins...ok well it has thinned somewhat since we have lived in Arizona so long...I would never survive the Canadian winters anymore, but I love saying I am Canadian and I do miss it and my family, don't get me started or I will cry when I think of all we have missed by moving so far away. My Dad is going through some health issues and I think that is really weighing on my mind as well.  I also hate tests and can not even fathom having to take a test to become American, I am getting hives just thinking about it.

Each Olympics I have my favorite thing to watch..for the winter it is Figure Skating. I think that every Canadian had to strap on a pair of skates sometime in their life.  I remember watching the little boys at the arena as I think it was required that they took figure skating to strengthen their legs/ankles before they could play hockey. In the summer I like to watch gymnastics.

I particularily love watching Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, the Canadian pair skaters. I get goosebumps and smile the whole time I watch them.  Not only cause they are Canadian but they are from Ilderton which is not far from where I grew up. My Mum works in Ilderton and my sister Jacqui drives through there to go to work, so look at the fun pics she sent me today.

Tessa signwatermarked

Cool right?  Not just all the snow on the ground either. I mean way cool!

Tessa arena watermarked

Here is the arena that they practice at!

Jacqui and her son Joel actually ran into Tessa one time at the airport when he was with his LVC Fire Boys. Look how little she is with all the guys around her.

Tessa and joel watermarked

So that is all my blabbering today, I just wanted to share my thoughts. Enjoy the Olympics, no matter where you are from and no matter what sport you cheer for, the Olympians are amazing in what they do.

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